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SCPCUG Holiday Party Dec 16, 2023
The Space Coast PC Users Group held its Annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 16, 2023 at the Merritt Island Library. This was our 20th Holiday Party. The SCPCUG provided sandwiches, cake, and beverages. To help maintain SCPCUG bank balances, there was an attendance fee of $5 per person. Like last year, we had the very popular Optional “White Elephant” gift exchange. If you brought a wrapped gift (either new or a re-gift) you would receive a gift during the “White Elephant” gift exchange. This year there was much trading of gifts and a lot of laughter and surprises as the exchange progressed. 23 people attended this year. The 2023 Party Photos are available for viewing at:

SCPCUG Holiday Party Dec 17, 2022
The Space Coast PC Users Group held its annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 17, 2022, from 1 pm - 3 pm at the Merritt Island Library, 1195 N Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL 32953. This was our 19th Annual Holiday Party. The SCPCUG provided sandwiches, cake, and beverages. An optional (potluck) dish or dessert to share was also welcome. To help refurbish the Treasury, there was attendance fee of $5 per person. We again had the optional "White Elephant" gift exchange as this has been a big hit in the past. It again proved to be good for much fun and laughter. This year 27 people attended. 2022 Party Photos are now posted.
2022 Party Photos are available for viewing at:

SCPCUG at Cocoa Village Art and Craft Fall Festival - Oct 16 & 17 2021
The SCPCUG participated in the Cocoa Village Fall Festival at booth #605 on Harrison between Brevard Ave and Delannoy. Our booth was between the Village Ice Cream and Sandwich shop and Tapas Tacos (the old bank building). Check the Art & Craft Festival poster with details and a Cocoa Village map at: Festival hours were Saturday, Oct 16, 10:00am - 5:00pm & Sunday, Oct 17, 10:00am - 4:00pm. The Festival featured over 200 Unique Artists & Crafters along with fantastic street food & live entertainment throughout the grounds. Plus Free admission! It was also kid & pet friendly! Below are some photos.

Fall Festival 1

Fall Festival 2


SCPCUG Holiday Party 2019
The Space Coast PC Users Group held its Christmas Party on Saturday Dec 14, 2019 at the Merritt Towers Club House. This was our 17th Annual Holiday Party. This year's head count was 42 per our Membership Chairperson Linda Glassburn. The SCPCUG provided sandwiches, meat and cheese platters, cake, and beverages. Members were welcome to bring a side dish or dessert to share. As in the past, there again was plenty of great food and a variety of desserts along with much fun, laughter, and conversation. This year we featured the singing of Christmas Carols. Member Gene Vlahovic lead the group in several songs. Also for the second year in a row Treasurer Irene Nelson again oversaw the optional "White Elephant" gift exchange. Participants had to bring a wrapped gift (value $10) either new or a re-gift. Last year a total of 23 people participated. This year 29 people participated resulting in some exchanging and giving up of originally selected gifts as the game progressed and causing some sadness along with surprise and laughter. A great and fun time was had by all!
2019 Holiday Party photos are now available for viewing at:

SCPCUG Donates $500 to Central Brevard Public Library and $300 to Merritt Island Public Library

SCPCUG Donates $500 to Central Brevard Public Library
At our Sep 17, 2015 Monthly Meeting SCPCUG President Dan Douglas presented a $500 check to Mrs. Marion Griffin, Director of the Central Brevard Public Library, as a "Thank You" for the many years of hosting our Space Coast PC Users Group Meetings.

SCPCUG Donates $300 to Merritt Island Public Library
On Sep 21, 2015 SCPCUG President Dan Douglas presented a $300 check to Mrs. Irma Fordham, Director of the Merritt Island Public Library, as a "Thank You" for hosting our Space Coast PC Users Group Learning Center Meetings.

Brevard Users Group Joins SCPCUG
At the SCPCUG Monthly Meeting on May 21, 2015 the 51 members of the Brevard Users Group (BUG) of Melbourne, FL officially joined SCPCUG. As of May 2022 the BUG Club is deactivated. The BUG Website and Newsletter are no longer available. BUG members are welcome to participate in all SCPCUG activities.


APCUG logo


Windows & Android Tips by Judy Taylour - (Note: Judy has not updated this site since 10/26/23.) Sample items include: I Can't Imagine Using Windows Without the Everything App / How to Connect an iPhone to Windows 11 / 13 Things You Should Do After Plugging In Your New Router / Google Wants to Make It Harder for Bad Actors to Track You. Here's How / How to Use Microsoft Word's Hidden Transcription Feature.

APCUG Reports
APCUG’s Reports is a quarterly publication of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups. Reports contains information about the activities of APCUG and related opportunities including meeting ideas, fundraising information, region reports about member groups, and much more. Issues are available as a PDF file for download.
The 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) Fall 2023 report is now available at: and contains Region Reports, Meeting Ideas, General Articles by Gabe, and Tech Tips.

APCUG 2023 Digital Photo Contest
The contest ended on September 16. Over 40 APCUG group members entered the contest. The winners were announced at the annual meeting on November 4. Info on Contest Rules, Categories, & Judging Criteria is at:

APCUG 2021 eBulletin, Digital Photo, Newsletter & Website Contests Results
All contests closed Sep 30. (Since SCPCUG won 2nd Place in the 2020 Website Contest, I was asked to participate in judging the 2021 Website Contest. There were 3 judges for the Website Contest. I had to review 7 entries against 7 criteria.) 2021 Contest Entrants and Winners were announced at the Nov 6 Annual Meeting and are posted at:

APCUG 2020 eBulletin, Digital Photo, Newsletter & Website Contests Results
A PDF with all 2020 eBulletin, Digital Photo, Newsletter, and Website Contest Winners is available for download at:
SCPCUG won 2nd Place in the Website Contest!

APCUG 2019 eBulletin, Digital Photo, Newsletter & Website Contests Results
A PDF with all 2019 eBulletin, Digital Photo, Newsletter, and Website Contest Winners is available for download at:

APCUG 2018 Digital Photo, Newsletter & Website Contest Results
SCPCUG Space Coast PC Journal with Ron Ingraham, Editor, won 1st Place!

PDFs with all 2018 Digital Photo, Newsletter, and Website Contest Entries & Winners are available for download.
Details at:

2019 Florida Technology Conference
The 2019 Florida Technology Conference was held Nov 9 and 10 at the Elks Lodge in Zephyrhills, Florida.
More info at:
Conference Presentation PDFs are at:

February 2024 APCUG Workshops

Tax Software Review for Tax Year 2023 - Held Feb 10, 2024

Tax Software Review for Tax Year 2023 with Tom Burt, Vice President Sun City Summerlin Computer Club. Two of the most popular programs for preparing your income tax return are H&R Block and Turbo Tax. You can run these programs on your PC or Mac or work with the online versions.

Purchase one of these software programs, install it on your PC (or go to the maker's website), and answer the step-by-step questions. When you've finished, either program will provide you with a finished tax return ready for filing. You can even choose to file your return electronically!

Happily, for 2023, the tax law changes for individuals were few and minor. In this year's presentation, we will discuss both programs briefly and then demonstrate the excellent H&R Block Deluxe program. We will create a 2023 tax return for a fictitious senior couple with typical financial transactions such as wage income or retirement benefits, interest and dividends, social security benefits, capital gains, itemized deductions, required minimum distributions, etc. You may be surprised how easy it is to prepare and file your tax return. We'll also look at how to set up electronic payments on the IRS website.

Learning Linux - To Be Held Feb 21, 2024
Register at:
After you click Submit, you will receive a pop-up acknowledgment of your registration and the workshop encrypted Zoom link email on Tuesday, February 20, after registration closes at 6 pm Pacific Time.

Learning Linux With the Linux Team Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, and John Kennedy.
Join us for another Learning Linux workshop where John will review the results of last Fall's polls and hear what the team feels they mean. We also developed two important follow-up questions to help us plan future workshops.

February is Open Source Software (OSS) month, and Orv will present what OSS means to him. One of the major open source, cross-platform software programs is LibreOffice. Cal will be doing a presentation on LibreOffice's presentation program, Impress, that you should find informative. We will finish up the presentations with John, sharing information about where you go to get software or where what you are offered in Linux comes from.

The team will have their customary Open Mic where you can ask additional questions, share your thoughts on the topics presented, tell us about your favorite open source software, and maybe even submit an idea for future presentations or volunteer to give a presentation.

January 2024 APCUG Workshops

Electric Vehicles (EV's) with Mike Ungerman - Held Jan 10, 2024

Electric Vehicles (EV's) with Mike Ungerman. Mike will be discussing electric vehicles, how to research them online, and what to consider when purchasing one. He will also share the results of the EV survey that was sent out on January 7. If we have time at the conclusion of Mike's presentation, John, Judy, Bill, and Ray will discuss upcoming APCUG events that enhance our member benefits. Following this Workshop we will send out Mike's presentation.
No Video Yet

Looking Back at 2023 & Forward to 2024 with Judy, John, & Bill - Held Jan 17, 2024

Looking Back at 2023 & Forward to 2024 with Judy, John, & Bill. Join Judy, John, and Bill as they look back at 2023 and review many of the workshop topics from last year. You will have a chance to let APCUG know some of your favorite topics and what topics you want to hear about in 2024. And we're looking forward to you volunteering to do a presentation on your favorite topic.
Then join the Roundtable, where we'll look forward to 2024. We'd love for you to share your club's plans for this new year. And APCUG would like to know what APCUG can do to help you achieve those plans.
No Video Yet

Artificial Intelligence and Scams / Keeping Your Data Private with VeraCrypt - Held Jan 24, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Scams. Speaker is Monica Tait, Assistant United States Attorney Major Frauds Section in Los Angeles, California. Monica will be discussing the likely impact of Artificial Intelligence on familiar scams. In addition, she will be discussing the widespread crypto investment scams that are currently proliferating and how to avoid them.
No Video Yet

Keeping Your Data Private with VeraCrypt. Speaker is Mark Schulman, Central Florida Computer Society past president, author, speaker, web designer, teacher, software designer, and technology enthusiast. VeraCrypt is one of the most popular "on-the-fly" encryption programs, which enables you to store sensitive data on your PC in an encrypted format but to access that data normally without having to constantly think about encrypting and decrypting that data. VeraCrypt is based on the older TrueCrypt application and is free and open source.
No Video Yet

Mark Schulman will be discussing these topics in this presentation:
- Creating and using encrypted containers
- Encrypting flash drives
- Encrypting your laptop's hard drive
- Backing up your encrypted data
- Caching passwords
- Using hidden containers

December 2023 APCUG Workshops

Games People Play / Should I Buy a Chromebook For Christmas? - Held Dec 13, 2023

Games People Play with Bill Crowe, The STUG Program Chair, iProducts Forum Leader, and Newsletter Contributor. Video or computer games are electronic entertainment requiring user interaction via devices like joysticks, keyboards, or motion sensors. Visual feedback is displayed on TVs, monitors, handheld screens, or even virtual reality headsets. Games are audiovisual, often involving sound and sometimes tactile feedback. They may support a microphone and webcam for in-game conversation and live streaming. The 2022 global gaming market revenue nearly reached $347 billion. Bill's presentation will delve into diverse video games, from single-player Wordle and Lumosity to multiplayer Minecraft and Call of Duty. These games, enjoyable and potentially addictive, cater to all ages. Whether a player or not, the presentation will highlight the various games available today.
NO Video Yet

Bill Crowe
has extensive experience and knowledge, with a BS in Mathematics Education and a 34-year career at IBM. He's completed IBM-certified coursework from top institutions and taught computer-related classes at several colleges and institutions, including Sarasota Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE). As an active member of the Sarasota Technology Users Group "STUG," Bill's passion for teaching shines in the classroom, where he promotes knowledge transfer. His students confirm a lot of learning happens in his classes.

Should I Buy a Chromebook For Christmas? with Jolyn Bowler, HHIC Resource Center. Chromebooks are a good option for users who: Spend most of their time online / Use cloud-based software / Don't need to install traditional software / Are looking for a secure and easy-to-use laptop / Are on a budget.
NO Video Yet

was first introduced to technology and computers through Madeleine L’Engle’s book “A Wrinkle in Time.” In 9th grade, she visited the IBM offices in White Plains, NY. After graduating from Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School in Manhattan, she found her first job at Children’s Television Workshop as Secretary to the Assistant Director of Operations, Bob Dahl. When the Telex or TWX was down or a video or film reel wouldn’t load, she was the one folks came to. In 1973, Jolyn moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and worked as a Camera Operator at the local SCETV station. In 1982, she took two classes: An Introduction to Computer Concepts and a Word processing class on a dedicated DecMate system.
She worked as a “temp” during the 80s and could help any office with their computer needs. Jolyn discovered the Hilton Head Island Computer Club in 1991 and immediately volunteered at the monthly meetings. Through the years, she has held the position of Membership Director, Webmistress, Vice President, and President. She is now the Resource Center Director for the Club.
When Covid shut down the club, Jolyn took to Zoom, and they could communicate with members through the shutdown. Good presentations, even if they couldn’t meet in person. Jolyn often gives presentations and has been the Zoom Queen, helping all the Volunteers do their Zoom presentations.
Jolyn is also a singer and guitarist and has jammed and played with the same group of friends for 30+ years—something about the mathematics of computers and music that fits.

November 2023 APCUG Workshops Plus Annual Meeting

Cybersecurity from A to Z – 2023 / Starlink Technology May Be in Your Future / APCUG Annual Meeting - Held Nov 4, 2023

Cybersecurity from A to Z – 2023 with Bob Gostischa, Enthusiastic IT Security Expert. Cybersecurity ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and systems. This means protecting against unauthorized access or modification of data, ensuring that systems are available for use when needed, and maintaining the privacy of information.
NO Video Yet

Sit back and let Bob provide you with the information needed so you can use best practices to stay secure. The 24 slides and videos will give you all the information you need to become a Cybersecurity guru. A to Z should be 26 slides, except nothing is interesting or important for the letters x and y. By the time we finish this journey, that's probably good.

Starlink Technology May Be in Your Future with Phil Sorrentino, Secretary Sun City Center Computer Club . Starlink is a constellation of satellites operated by Spacex that provides Internet access. Like Wi-Fi and cell phone towers, Starlink allows you to connect your device, phone, or computer to the Internet to take advantage of the many servers available. Starlink is relatively net, in the future, may play a big part in connecting users to servers.
NO Video Yet

APCUG Annual Meeting - Held Nov 4, 2023
Learn about what APCUG has been doing in 2023, election results for 2024 officers, Digital Photo contest winners, and more. Any suggestions for what APCUG can offer in 2024?
NO Video Yet

Learning Linux with John Kennedy - Held Nov 15, 2023
The first hour of this workshop will be specifically for new users or Windows users interested in learning more about Linux. John will assume the role of an “average Windows user” checking out Linux for the first time. He will take his “Windows understanding” and see if he can apply it to the Linux operating system. He wants to find out if switching to Linux is as easy as he’s been told. He’ll also want to know if he can do almost everything he did in Windows on the Linux platform. Experienced Linux users may find this presentation too basic.

Following this presentation for Total Beginners, John will have some things for the more experienced users. He will talk about becoming more of a “power user” through keyboard shortcuts and how to set them up. Finally, he will show how he uses “aliases” to speed up his command line activities. Join him to see how easy it is to create and use aliases.
NO Video Yet

October 2023 APCUG Workshops

Our Need to Rethink Fraud in America / Securing Your Communications, Events, Files, and Online Activities with Proton
- Held October 11, 2023

Our Need to Rethink Fraud in America
A webinar by Kathy Stokes, Director Fraud Prevention Programs, AARP.
Fraud has reached a crisis level in the US. Millions of victims are losing billions of dollars every year to the hands of transnational criminal enterprises. As a society, our tendency to blame the fraud victim for experiencing the crime has led to us deprioritizing it. In this webinar, AARP will discuss the nature of victim-blaming in our country and how changing this narrative could lead to a fundamental transformation in how we combat fraud.
No Video Yet

Securing Your Communications, Events, Files, and Online Activities with Proton
with John Kennedy, Webmaster East Central Ohio Technology User Club (ECOTUC). And you can too, with no cost to you. Join John Kennedy as he shares information about what everyone gets with the free versions of Proton’s family of protection software. This includes protecting your email with Mail, scheduled events with Calendar, files with Drive, Internet traffic with VPN, and all your passwords with Pass. And all for free. You’ll also learn about upgrade options if you need additional services.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Taming the Terminal #6 / Flatpack Security / Linux Security - Held October 18, 2023

Taming the Terminal #6 with Orv Beach
Join Orv as he finishes his beginner's series on Taming the Terminal #6.
No Video Yet

Flatpack Security with Cal Esneault
With October being National CyberSecurity Month, Cal will do a presentation on the Flatpak Security Issues.
No Video Yet

Linux Security with John Kennedy
John will present information on Linux and Security.
No Video Yet

Securing Your Android Phone / Consumer Protection Issues in Online Bill Payment / iPhone Security - Held October 25, 2023

Securing Your Android Phone with Bill James, Vice President Computer Club of Oklahoma City. In a world increasingly reliant on mobile devices, ensuring the security of your Android phone has never been more critical. It is essential to protect our personal information and data. Join Bill as he gives us tips on how to be more secure when using our Android phones.
No Video Yet

Consumer Protection Issues in Online Bill Payment with Chuck Bell, Programs Director, Advocacy Consumer Reports. Consumers pay the majority of their bills automatically and/or online now. Still, they can face various risks to the privacy and security of payments, including scams, hacking, and identity theft. New technologies such as encryption and multi-factor authentication have been deployed, but they are not easy for consumers, especially the digitally disconnected. In addition, many companies are starting to charge "junk fees" just to make a bill payment. What are the trends and friction points for improving consumer protection in this challenging new landscape?
No Video Yet

iPhone Security with Jerry Rogan, Past President Sunland Springs Village Technology Group.
Apple does a tremendous job of keeping us as safe as possible, but many settings on the iPhone are left up to us, as users, to set up. This presentation covers many of those settings with step-by-step instructions. Don't be a victim; be proactive; it's easier than you think.
No Video Yet

September 2023 APCUG Workshops

OneDrive Surprises in Windows 11 / Configure Storage Sense to Free Up Disk Space / Another Level of Security for Your Windows PC
- Held Sep 13, 2023

OneDrive Surprises in Windows 11 with Dale Harrington MiCRO-PC Program Chair & APCUG Rep. Did you upgrade to Windows 11? Did you buy a new computer with Windows 11? Do you use OneDrive? No? Well, maybe you do. Depending on how you set up Windows 11, OneDrive may be “helping” you back up and even relocate certain folders.
Video at:

Configure Storage Sense to Free Up Disk Space
with Bill James, VP Computer Club of Oklahoma City. Microsoft Storage Sense is a little-known utility built into Windows 10 and 11. It is on by default. Learn about what it is and how to use it.
Video at:

Another level of security for your Windows PC
with Bill James, VP Computer Club of Oklahoma City. Admin versus Standard User to sign on to your Win 10/11 PC.
Video at:

iOS17, Intro to Some of the Features that Make it a Desirable Upgrade / Accessing Your iPhone/iPad Apple iCloud on your Windows PC / How to Make and Animate a Memoji - Held Sep 27, 2023

iOS17, Intro to Some of the Features that Make it a Desirable Upgrade with Jerry Rogan, Past President, Sunland Springs Village Technology Group. IOS17 doesn’t seem to have any sweeping changes, as we have seen in some past updates; however, the new features and enhancements make it a desirable upgrade. There are over 300 enhancements. Apple seems to focus on communication apps like Messages, FaceTime, Voicemail, and Phone. You will learn about some of these changes and changes to other apps that are equally appealing and intuitive to use.
Video at:

Accessing Your iPhone/iPad Apple iCloud on your Windows PC with Joe Dietz, Member/Instructor, Central Kentucky Computer Society. You will learn how easy it is to access and download your photos, notes, and other information in your iCloud to your Windows PC. No more emailing those things to yourself.
Video at:

How to Make and Animate a Memoji
with Brooke Thomas, President, Central Kentucky Computer Society. You will learn the steps to make a Memoji that resembles you, your personality, and your mood to send in Messages. We will make a Memoji sticker, and then we will record audio and facial expressions with facial recognition.
Video at:

August 2023 APCUG Workshops

What You Need to Know about SD Cards / Surge Protection and AC Wiring Problems - Held Aug 9, 2023

What You Need to Know about SD Cards with Hewie Poplock, Central Florida Computer Society and Sarasota Technology Users Group. SD cards are small portable memory storage devices used in digital devices such as cameras, smartphones, and tablets. They come in various sizes and capacities and use flash memory technology to store data. SD cards are compatible with a wide range of devices and can be easily removed and replaced. There are different types of SD cards, each with a different capacity limit, and they can be protected by a password or encrypted for increased security. This presentation explains the various symbols on SD cards, what they mean, and which ones to use in your device.
Video at:

Surge Protection and AC Wiring Problems
with John Krout, Potomac Area Computer Society. A surge protector works by detecting a voltage spike, aka surge, and sending that spike to Ground. A very common wiring mistake is failure to attach the Ground wire to the proper prong in a 3-prong socket, which disables any surge protector connected to an ungrounded socket. Doing so also voids any warranty for surge damage to your computer and other gear attached to the surge protector.
This presentation will show you the proper wiring on a 3-prong socket and discuss examples of two homes where the majority of those sockets were miswired. Those homes were built 30 years apart. The presenter's son diagnosed and fixed the miswired sockets in both homes. You will learn how an inexpensive device can report whether or not any 3-prong socket is properly wired or not. If your 3-prong socket is properly wired, then your surge protector will work well. If not properly wired, then it is time to hire an electrician to fix the socket.
Video at:

USB Testers - What They Are and What You Can Do with Them / Technology's Impact on Genealogy - Held Aug 19, 2023

USB Testers - What They Are and What You Can Do with Them with Greg Skalka, President, Under the Computer Hood User Group. USB testers are small yet mighty. These relatively inexpensive devices can make measurements while powering or charging USB devices and batteries that can help debug problems and provide insights into battery capacity, charge rates, and the best way to charge.
Video at:

Technology's Impact on Genealogy
with Sue Mueller, Genealogy Group Leader, Computer Users of Erie. From equipment to software and apps, as well as tools and backup storage to increased access to records, the ability to do online genealogy research has increased exponentially. DNA analysis, artificial intelligence, and photo restoration provide tools for the genealogist. Apps for your smartphone and tablet put genealogy on the go in your hands. Let's also realize that there may be a right and a wrong way to use some of these technological advances.
Video at:

ABCs and XYZs of AI (Artificial Intelligence) / AI Roundtable - Held Aug 30, 2023

ABCs and XYZs of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Adam Drake, East Central Ohio Technology Users Club. It’s all you’ve heard about on TV and the Internet for months. Artificial Intelligence. All we hear is “AI” this and “AI” that. Is AI a good thing or a bad thing? Are computers and robots going to be taking over, or can this process be of any good for humans? Will AI allow computers to think for themselves and no longer be programmed by humans? We all need to know more about Artificial Intelligence and its meaning. It’s happening all around us, and we need to understand what’s going on.
Video at:

Adam Drake, ECOTUC Vice-President
, will do just that with his presentation on Artificial Intelligence at our Wednesday Workshop on August 30. Along with giving us more information about this topic that he has studied, he will do a live demonstration of ChatGPT and show us how it works and what it can do for you.

AI Roundtable
How are APCUG groups using AI? How are APCUG group members using AI?
Please share what’s going on with you or your group
It appears there is no video for this workshop.

July 2023 APCUG Workshops

Technology Always Seems To Be Changing The Way We Listen to Music at Home and In The Car / AirTags and Tiles
- Held July 12, 2023

Technology Always Seems To Be Changing The Way We Listen to Music at Home and In The Car with Ray Baxter, President & Treasurer, APCUG. In my opinion, the way we listen to our favorite tunes at home and in our cars has probably seen the most changes. I'll review how we've listened to the music we choose in our homes, starting with the 78-rpm record and all the devices in between, bringing us up to date with today's various streaming options. Then the focus will move to how we consume music on the road, starting with when it was so "cool" to have a push-button AM radio in the car. I'll also focus on utilizing your existing Compact Disc collection now that new cars no longer have a CD player and streaming from an online service, using Bluetooth, flash drives, smartphones, and more. This is a presentation I'm constantly updating, so there is always something new to present.
Video at:

AirTags and Tiles
with John Krout, Member, Presenter, Writer, Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society. Don’t leave home on vacation without AirTags or Tiles. They are indispensable for luggage tracking; countless people have already recovered lost luggage using these inexpensive tracking devices. This presentation also includes free apps to detect all nearby Bluetooth devices. This is a good defense for finding any Tile or AirTag hidden in a purse, backpack, or car without the owner's knowledge.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Held July 19, 2023
This month's workshop will start with Orv Beach and a Taming the Terminal session, Chapter 5. We're nearing the end of the Basic introduction and want to know where you want Orv to go from here (he has some ideas, but we'd like to hear yours).
Our "Software of the Month" section will be our "keynote" presentation on KDEConnect by Drew King. This software lets you connect your Smartphone to your Linux computer and do all sorts of things on your phone FROM the computer.
John Kennedy will be handling the "Question of the Month": What are the differences between two flavors of the same distro with different desktop environments? He will try and point out what differs between Mint-MATE and Mint-Xfce.
Before we go to our "Open Mic, Questions, Answers and Discussions," John will be sharing a new to him distro that has a very unique installation program (a lot different than we've seen in the installations we've done). Then we might take a short trip around the OS (depending on time) to see a few other unique takes on the desktop (it has a very modern look that might be too modern even for him).
Taming the Terminal, Chapter 5 Video at:
KDEConnect Video at:
Mint-MATE and Mint-Xfce Video at:
A Very Unique Installer - elive Video at:

Gmail – Start to Finish / Free Software for Editing Video Recordings -Held July 26, 2023

Gmail – Start to Finish with Rob Truman, Webmaster, Computer Booters. Gmail has a built-in spam filtering system with 15GB of free storage. Learn about the variety of time-saving features letting you automate emailing tasks, integrate your calendar and contacts, and customize your dashboard to suit your needs.
Video at:

Free Software for Editing Video Recordings with Francis Chao, Member, APCUG OLS Team and the Speakers Bureau. We have discovered three great free software programs for editing video recordings:
Microsoft Clipchamp is bundled inside Windows 11, available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10, and is a Progressive Web App for macOS and Linux.
Kdenlive is a Free and Open Source app that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Videopad by NCH is free for non-commercial home use.
Video at:

June 2023 APCUG Workshops

Working with Windows / Windows Security Secrets (Windows 10/11) - Held Jun 14, 2023

Working with Windows with JB Burke. Windows 10 and 11 are complex operating systems with many features and functions. Even if you've used Windows for a long time, there is still more to learn. So, do you want to learn how to improve your basic computer skills? How to make Windows run faster and smoother? Solve some PC problems all by yourself? Learn to use some useful computer keyboard shortcuts? Learn better ways to find and view files with Windows File Explorer? How to make Windows 11 look and work more like Windows 10? All this and much more in this easy-to-follow Working with Windows tutorial.
Video at:

Windows Security Secrets (Windows 10/11) with Bill James.
Microsoft Windows Security, formerly known as Windows Defender, offers various features that can be considered competitive against other antivirus software in the market. However, as with any product, Windows Security is not perfect and might not meet the needs of all users. For example, some users might require advanced features, like a secure VPN, or have specific needs related to enterprise-scale network security. Many third-party products may offer these features, which would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This presentation will walk you through the little-known features of Windows Security with a hands-on demonstration.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Held June 21, 2023
Join us this month as we continue to explore the Linux operating system. Cal Esneault will answer this Question of the Month: "What's the difference between the Mint Cinnamon desktop environment and the new Ubuntu Cinnamon desktop environment?" For the Software of the Month: Drew King will be sharing the KDEConnect program, where you can connect your smartphone to your computer, interact with it, and practically do what you would do on it while still on the Linux computer. Our Desktop Environment Spotlight for June will be John Kennedy, sharing features of the Xfce desktop environment. We won't have a Distro Dive as we haven't had any volunteers to share something other than a Deb-based distro. So, we'll skip that feature again this month. And before we open things up for general questions and discussions, Orv Beach will be back with another lesson in "Taming the Terminal."
Questions of the Day and Linux Release Cycles Video at:
DE Showcase XFE Video at:
Taming the Terminal, Chapter 4 All About Your Computer Video at:

Researching Criminal Ancestors / Apple Smart Speakers / Download 4k Videos from the Web - Held June 28, 2023

Researching Criminal Ancestors with Sue Mueller, Genealogy Group Leader, Computer Users of Erie. Could historical criminal records yield clues about your family? Explore records for criminals, courts, and prisoners. Follow the paper trail documenting activities, whereabouts, and other valuable information to trace family history.
Video at:

Apple Smart Speakers
with Craig Wright, Columbus Computer Society and Deborah Neff, Member at Large & Public Relations Chair Prescott Macintosh User Group. HomePod and HomePod mini, AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max
Video at:

Download 4k Videos from the Web
with John Krout, Member, Presenter, Writer, Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society.
Do it in time for your vacation. Have you ever been on a plane, train, or ship with such low bandwidth that you cannot play a video? Yellowstone National Park is a similar experience, with very few cell towers within its vast area. This presentation will show you how to download videos from YouTube and other free sites at home using a free application for Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu Linux, so you can copy the video file to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to view on the go. Additionally, if you subscribe to a media service like Netflix, apps for the subscription services allow you to download their movies and TV episodes. However, it is not exactly obvious how to do that. You will see how to do that with Netflix.
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May 2023 APCUG Workshops

Get Up to Speed: Spot, Avoid, and Report Scams / How to Stop Keyless Entry Car Theft - Held May 10, 2023

Get Up to Speed: Spot, Avoid, and Report Scams with Heather Clary, Community and Media Relations Coordinator Central & Eastern Kentucky BBB. The bad guys keep trying to get ahold of your wallet and steal your hard-earned dollars. You’d be surprised how often they succeed. Internet-related crimes and scams are climbing yearly, reports the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). “Criminals are getting so sophisticated. It is getting harder and harder for victims to spot the red flags and tell real from fake,” says Donna Gregory of the IC3. In fact, in 2019, there were nearly 1,300 complaints daily by individuals and businesses in the U.S. Just like a fish swallowing the hook, many intelligent Americans are being duped. One place you can go to learn how to protect yourself from these never-ending 24/7 scams is the Better Business Bureau. Nearly all of us use PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, and we’re constantly trying to dodge bullets from these scammers. The best way to avoid being a victim is to remain vigilant and recognize the latest scams, schemes, and charades. Heather will discuss current scams and how not to become a victim. She says, “Online shopping fraud has exploded in the past couple of years in the wake of the pandemic. The “puppy scam” where people get hoodwinked by phony sites advertising expensive pets that don’t exist also continues. And social media…. that’s a huge issue. So many things to talk about.” She will also tell us about the non-profit BBB and how to take advantage of its free services.
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How to Stop Keyless Entry Car Theft with John Krout, Member, Presenter, & Newsletter Contributor Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society. Thieves have found low-cost tech that enables them to steal any car that uses a wireless fob instead of a physical key. This presentation will show you how it works and how to overcome the risk.
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Learning Linux with Cal Esneault and John Kennedy - Held May 17, 2023
John will be looking at the Features of the “Disks” app for our “Software Showcase.” For our “Question of the Month,” Cal will discuss the differences between the initially created Cinnamon Desktop Environment developed by Mint and the new Cinnamon Desktop Environment developed by Ubuntu. During “Desktop Discovery,” John will show us the last of the original desktop environments, Xfce. This was considered the “lightest” option for users. Our terminal instructor, wait – that doesn’t sound very good; our teacher for Taming the Terminal will be unavailable for this month’s meeting, so that we won’t have a session on that topic. But we will be having an open forum for all levels of users for questions and concerns attendees might have about the Linux operating system. So, if we can’t answer them at the workshop, we’ll try at next month’s workshop.
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LibreOffice / Mesh Routers / A Potpourri of Mini Presentations - Held May 27, 2023

LibreOffice with John Kennedy. Free software – it’s all about sharing. John’s (otherwise known as “Free John”) presentation covers the flagship productivity suite, LibreOffice. This software has all the components (and a couple of extras) that another major software company has that is widely used. He takes us on a hands-on tour of the different sub-programs, and hopefully, you discover a free program with all the features you need in a productivity suite.
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Mesh Routers with Bill James.
The purpose of a computer router is to connect multiple devices and facilitate communication by directing traffic on your network. Mesh routers are used to cover your entire house with consistent wireless signals. They are a popular home networking technology that uses multiple nodes, the connection point among network devices such as routers, printers, or switches that can receive and send data from one endpoint to another.
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A Potpourri of Mini Presentations with Judy Taylour.
Judy will show us how easy it is to create a mini presentation from various tech sources.
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April 2023 APCUG Workshops

What is Ham Radio? / A Closer Look at AI - Held Apr 12, 2023

What is Ham Radio with Orv Beach, Linux Evangelist
Orv's presentation will include a brief overview of what amateur (ham) radio is, all the things that can be done with it, and what's required to get started in this great hobby!
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Presenter Orv Beach is retired from Abbott Laboratories, where he served as the Linux system administrator. He is a long-time Linux user and evangelist and has been a key volunteer and the Training Chair for many Southern California Linux expos. Orv has been a ham radio operator longer (license callsign W6BI) than he has been using Linux. He's an ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Technical Specialist and is deeply involved in the build-out of the local ham radio "Internet" using off-the-shelf wireless equipment.

A Closer Look at AI with Bob Gostischa, IT Enthusiast
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad field that includes developing intelligent systems that can perform tasks that typically require human-level intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, perception, and natural language processing. Many different AI tools can be used for various applications, including chat, audio, video, and other aspects of AI. The presentation is split between hands-on and videos.

The videos Bob has selected are:
1. AI - A Closer Look
2. 10 Pros and Cons of Using ChatGPT
3. AI in cybersecurity - The good, the bad, and the ugly
4. The New Bing with ChatGPT
5. What is Phishing, and can you protect against it? - The only part of this video that's from me is my voice
6. AI-Generated Outer Space Images

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Presenter Bob Gostischa. After a successful career in banking, Bob enjoys his retirement as an enthusiastic IT security expert who gives many presentations to tech groups in the United States and Canada. Bob is a member of Avast's website discussion and help forum, helping with security-related and general computer issues since 2004. He has contributed to over 47,800 forum interactions. Gostischa also hosts a popular blog at and has a Protecting Your Privacy & Security YouTube channel at You can reach his YouTube home page at

Learning Linux with Cal, John, and Orv - Held Apr 19, 2023
Join us for another workshop filled with Linux information. We'll start things off with any Linux News and then check out the list of cross-platform software that Cal recommends you consider using. He won't be explaining the software, just giving you a list to check out yourself. Then John will provide the answer to the two Questions of the Month. The first covers the different release cycles of Linux, the pros/and cons, and what distros use which option, and then he'll do a short demo on using the dual-pane option in working with your files in your File Manager (if yours has that option). Our Desktop Showcase will feature John's favorite desktop environment, MATE (not pronounced like a "shipmate"). Before our usual open mic Q&A, Orv will present another lesson on Taming the Terminal.
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Mac OS, Bill James and Your Health & Your Technology, Bill Crowe
- Held Apr 26, 2023

Learning the Mac OS. Many individuals are familiar with the Apple ecosystem, primarily through an iPhone or iPad. However, using a Mac PC, such as a Mac Mini or MacBook Pro, presents a new opportunity to gain experience with MacOS. As a newcomer to the Mac Operating system and transitioning from a Windows environment, it was intriguing to compare the functionality of Mac to Windows. Furthermore, it was imperative to evaluate how the knowledge and skills gained from Windows could be applied to the Mac, considering the Mac is just another PC. Through this evaluation, I sought to understand the similarities between the Mac and Windows keyboard and the similarities and differences between built-in applications. This presentation aims to share my discoveries, particularly the similarities between the two operating systems, specifically focusing on web-based cross-platform applications.
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Presenter Bill James, Advisor, Region 8 Member, APCUG’s Speakers Bureau
Bill first became involved in a PC user’s group in 1992 when he joined the Oklahoma PC User’s Group, now known as the Computer Club of Oklahoma City, to learn more about the computer he had just purchased. He has been a member of the club’s Board of Directors since 1998. Bill served two terms as President and is currently Vice President of Operations. Bill is very involved with Home Automation, using Google Home to automate his home, and loves his Chromebook. In addition, he is broadening his knowledge base by learning the macOS and iOS for Apple products and Linux.
He is a member of the Windows OS Insider Program and is his club’s go-to person on everything Android. The ccOKC meets every Thursday; Bill is the leader of the Windows Tips & Tricks and Android Study Group meetings.
As a member of APCUG’s Speakers Bureau, he frequently gives presentations to groups on Windows 11, Android devices, home automation, synchronizing devices, and Chromebooks.
Bill attended his first APCUG Fall Conference in 2003. From 2006 to 2009, he served as treasurer on APCUG’s Board of Directors.
If Bill isn’t working with technology, you’ll find him driving his Mustang; he is the Parade Coordinator for the Oklahoma Mustang Club. He is also an active member of Toastmasters International Club #627 and facilitates their Zoom meetings. Bill is also a member of the Board of Directors for North Care Center, a private non-profit behavioral and social services facility in Oklahoma City.

Your Health & Your Technology. There have been many advances in technology already in the 21st Century. Many have focused on gathering information about our health more frequently and making it more available to us. With the advent of smartphones and watches, we can now collect this information in real-time, and in some cases, our devices can even sense and save the data for us on their own. This presentation will focus on identifying and using these technologies to make our lives safer and hopefully help us become healthier.
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Presenter Bill Crowe, Sarasota Technology Users Group Director, Class Instructor, and Forum Leader for Apple Products. Bill teaches Intro to Computers, Windows, Excel, Word, and various iPhone and iPad courses for Sarasota Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE). He has taught computer-related classes at New Horizons, Community College of Vermont, and Saint Michaels College in Vermont.
Bill’s passion for teaching becomes apparent when you see him in the classroom. He is excited about helping others learn, and the students catch that excitement. His favorite expression is, “No learning takes place unless there is a transfer of knowledge.” His students say that a lot of learning occurs in his classes.
Crowe has a BS in Mathematics Education from the University of California, PA. He worked for IBM for 34 Years as a Programmer, Systems Analysis, and Manager. He also has IBM-certified coursework from George Washington University, Dartmouth University, Dale Carnegie, and WIN Institute, to name a few.

March 2023 APCUG Workshops

The Computer Backup, Your Lifeline in a Digital Emergency / pCloud / An Introduction to GoodSync Backup
and File Sync Software
- Held Mar 8, 2023

The Computer Backup, Your Lifeline in a Digital Emergency presented by Uwe Dotzauer. We hear about data breaches, ransomware attacks, and the daily catastrophic destruction of businesses and homes. But untold is the loss of information like digital documents, pictures, and information. In today's world where we live in digital times, who has all their "e-data" property in a safe place? In his presentation, Mr. Dotzauer will explain the different technologies, media, and methods you need to succeed! He will discuss several essential factors for a worry-free, data-retaining world!
Video at:

Presenter Uwe Dotzauer
is a Network Engineer and Computer consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has specialized in Apple Macintosh technology since 1998 and enjoys educating users about the daily challenges in the "IT World" around us. He graduated from George Mason University with a master's in Telecommunications and Network forensics.

pCloud with John Kennedy is John's go-to cloud service for backing up his files and keeping files synced from anywhere. For example, he can create a file on his desktop Linux computer, which immediately goes to the cloud. Then he can access that backed-up folder on his laptop and open, edit, and save it. The updated, edited file is there if he returns to his desktop. pCloud will also allow him to share files with others. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Fun fact: It’s based in Switzerland and has to adhere to strict Swiss privacy laws, meaning more protection for your files.
Video at:

Presenter John Kennedy
is the APCUG Advisor for Regions 3 & 6 and the East Central Ohio Technology User Club (ECOTUC) webmaster. He is also the moderator for the Wednesday Workshops and Saturday Safaris. John spends many hours helping Windows and Linux users with their computer problems. In addition to heading the ECOTUC Senior Teaching Program, he co-hosts the “Linux Help Desk/SIG,” which meets twice a month, and the “Windows Help Me/Show Me” Help Desk/SIG, which meets monthly. As a member of APCUG’s Speakers Bureau, he does many online presentations for computer groups nationwide and often presented at regional conferences in Ohio. John got his feet wet with computers in the early ’80s with his first Atari personal computer. From that, he continued with different mainline PCs until he built his first computer when he retired. He taught elementary school for 25 years and finished his teaching career by teaching computer skills to middle schoolers for ten years. During those years, he was introduced to the Linux operating system. Since retiring, he has taught senior citizen computer classes in a joint venture between ECOTUC and the Licking County Aging Program. Known around his area as “Free John,” John does just about everything on the computer with free and open-source software, using his preferred operating system: Linux.

Introduction to GoodSync Backup and File Sync Software with Drew King. GoodSync has an easy-to-use interface; it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. In addition, it can synchronize files and folders between different devices, network drives, and other cloud services. GoodSync can back up your files and folders and keep track of different versions of your files, allowing you to recover earlier versions if necessary. In addition, GoodSync Backup has many customizable features. Overall, GoodSync is a powerful and flexible backup and file synchronization app that offers a range of features to help you keep your files and folders in sync and backed up across multiple devices and cloud services. Fun fact: You can use GoodSync to back up and sync your files either through cloud storage or a full backup to an external device.
Video at:

Presenter Drew King
lives in Sarasota, FL, with his dog Abby where he has his own consulting company, “King Consulting.” He assists people with their dysfunctional computers, networks, and smart homes. He joined the Sarasota Technology Users Group in 2022 and joined the board of directors in 2023. Drew has also served on the board of directors of the Boston Network Users Group for the past 30+ years. He began his career in computers in his high school computer club, where he contributed to the assembly of a small computer from a company named Sinclair. Drew continued his education at Alfred University in New York, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Drew’s first job after graduating was at a small computer company, where he learned how to build and repair computers and local area networks from a company called Novell. He also taught computer classes. He then worked for Wang Laboratories in 1991, where he spent nearly ten years of his career. Part of Wang later became Eastman Software, a part of Kodak. After that, Drew became Network Services Manager for Eastman Software worldwide. This is where he learned to be a Microsoft Exchange administrator. In 2001, Drew became the Sr. Exchange Administrator for a global startup company called Vignette Software. Then, in 2002 the “Internet Bubble” began to burst, leading Drew to start his own company, “King Consulting” in 2003. He became a reseller, trainer, and supporter of Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software for doctors and the severely disabled. He also taught a person with quadriplegia to communicate via computer while on a ventilator. Drew spends his spare time at the dog park with Abby and is learning to “Screencast” and edit videos.

Learning Linux - Held Mar 15, 2023
with Orv Beach, Drew King, and John Kennedy
Welcome to another APCUG Wednesday Learning Linux Workshop. At this workshop, Orv Beach will continue our Desktop Dive and share all the specialties of his favorite Desktop Environment, KDE. Then we'll have our next installment of "Taming the Terminal,” also with Orv. After those two presentations, the Linux team will continue with this month's theme, Backing Up Your Computer for World Backup Day. Drew King will be joining us to talk about another backing-up program called Duplicati (not Duplicity), a free backup software to store encrypted backups online for Linux (and Windows and macOS). Then John Kennedy will share another free and open-source file syncing program that he's learning to use, called FreeFileSync for Linux (and Windows and macOS). Following these two presentations, we'll open up the mics for a Roundtable with questions about backing up data and hard drive images and attendees sharing what works best for their personal needs. The goal is to provide many options for Linux users to choose from, to create their own personalized backup plan. As Adam Drake said last week, the best backup plan is the one that works for you.
KDE Desktop Environment Video at:
Taming the Terminal Video at:
Duplicati Video at:
FreeFileSync for Linux Video at:

Backing Up in a Busy World / Backing Up with Time Machine and Windows 11 File History / An Introduction to Macrium Reflect - Held Mar 22, 2023

Backups in a Busy World with Mark Schulman (Central Florida Computer Society). Given enough time, every hard drive eventually fails, and most often, this means that all your photos, documents, and video -- everything! -- is lost. And recent evidence suggests that even under the best circumstances, hard drives don't last as long as previously thought. Backups are the only defense against serious data loss, yet most people don't bother. So instead, discover essential strategies to ensure your data is safe with the least amount of trouble.
Video at:

Backing Up with Time Machine with Jerry Rogan (Sunland Springs Village Technology Group) and Windows 11 File History with Bill James (Computer Club of Oklahoma City).
Video at:

An Introduction to Macrium Reflect with Steve Parker (The Personal Computer Club of Toronto). Macrium Reflect can back up whole partitions or individual files and folders into a single compressed, mountable archive file. It can be used to restore exact images of the partitions on the same hard disk for disaster recovery, or a new hard disk. Data is compressed and encrypted in real-time. It is a reliable disaster recovery app with Set It and Forget It automation.
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February 2023 APCUG Workshops

What's New in '23 Roundtable Saturday Safari - Held Feb 4, 2023
We’ll talk about....Using surveys to poll our members / Is there a new SIG in your group’s future? / Publicizing meetings / Utilizing hybrid meetings / What our groups have planned for this new year, and how APCUG can help. Share your ideas and learn something new to do with your group.
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Learning Linux - Held 15 Feb 2023
with John Kennedy, Cal Esneault, and Orv Beach
We hope you can join us for another Wednesday Workshop, where we will focus on the Linux operating system. First, John will take care of our Question of the Month, "How do you get a live USB thumb drive to remember things?" Then, in our Software Spotlight, he'll look at a program that allows sharing files between a Linux and a Windows computer. Next, Cal will take us on our first "DE Discovery," sharing the Gnome desktop environment. Then, Orv will do our first session on "Taming the Terminal," where he will begin with an introduction to the terminal and more questions that a beginner might ask. We'll end the workshop with our live Q&A.
Video at:

YouTube, An Introduction / Google Drive - Held Feb 22, 2023

YouTube, An Introduction with Rob Truman, Computer Booters
YouTube is a great educational resource once you understand some ground rules. YouTube gets billions of hits daily, with hundreds of hours of new content uploaded every minute. Searching through that deluge of videos can be more complicated than searching the entire web. This presentation will start with the basics and examine some tips and tricks for finding your goal. Fun fact: In 2002, the YouTube deal was negotiated over a bowl of mozzarella sticks at Denny’s for $1.65M.
Video at:

Presenter Rob Truman is a lifetime member of Computer Booters of Sun Lakes and serves on their Board of Directors as their Web Director. He has over 40 years of experience in Information Technology and Internet-related fields. Rob is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Electronics Technician and has worked as a Technical Support professional for Microsoft over the years. Rob holds a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (BS IT). He is a staunch proponent of lifelong learning and runs a website/blog called Geezer Tek, which focuses on helping the senior community with their technology needs. Rob also volunteers and teaches adult education technology classes through his local community college and their lifelong learning program: New Adventures in Learning. He is a member of APCUG’s Speakers Bureau.

Google Drive with Dale Harrington, MiCRO (Mile High Computer Resource Organization)
What is it? What do I need to use it? How do I use it? Is it Cloud storage? Can I access it from all my devices? Dale will answer all these questions and more. Fun fact: Google Drive was developed by Google and launched on April 24, 2012.
Video at:

Presenter Dale Harrington enjoys helping seniors (and younger whipper snappers) productively use and enjoy computers and other forms of technology. Since 1994 Dale has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Mile High Computer Resource Organization (MiCRO). He has presented numerous topics at MiCRO and other user groups in the Denver area. He also developed course materials for and taught introductory computer courses to seniors at local community centers. Dale also worked for Computers in Ministry, providing technical support to local ministries in network support, Internet connectivity, servers, email services, end-user workstations, and related peripheral hardware and software systems. He was the Maintenance Department Manager for Raytheon Support Service Company, where his staff was engaged in the performance of contract maintenance services for the USAF Technical Training operations at Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado. Prior to that, he was a Self-Employed Contract Consultant participating in a successful effort to develop a proposal for the performance of Training Equipment Maintenance at three United States Air Force Air Training Command Centers. From 1966 until his retirement in 1986, Dale was in the USAF, where he performed various tasks, including operating and maintaining Instrumentation Systems equipment.

January 2023 APCUG Workshops

DNA for Genealogy and Smart TVs - Held Jan 11, 2023

DNA for Genealogy with Sue Mueller. Genealogy Group Leader, Computer Users of Erie.
What you can and cannot learn and why. Choosing your test: explore differences among testinganies. Sue will also talk about the importance of adding a tree to your results and extending your results with gedmatch.
Video at:

Smart TVs with Hewie Poplock, Director, The Sarasota Technology Users Group,
Host of the monthly online CFCS-STUG Windows SIG
Did you buy a new Smart TV this past holiday season and aren’t sure how to set it up? On the other hand, do you have one you never set up? Hewie’s presentation will help us do both and how to turn a not-so-smart TV into one that is. You have a Smart TV and use a cable service.You have never explored any of the free or paid services available on your TV. Many friends and neighbors are in the same category. Hewie will show us how to add and use many free services. He will also describe many services you can use to view free movies and TV shows. You might eventually “cut the cable” by firing your cable company and only using streaming services once you experience how easy it is. All that is needed is a Smart TV and an Internet connection. While many services are free, you can get local, national, and ad-free programming and most sporting events with fee-based services.
Video at:

Having Fun with Linux - Held Jan 18, 2023
The Linux Team: Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, John Kennedy, and Dave Melton.
At the start of a New Year and with hopes of new attendees interested in learning about Linux, we'll start our first workshop with a revised presentation on an "Introduction to Linux." We'll then learn about the possible new format for the Learning Linux workshops. Some members of the team will share some "Newsworthy Notes" and maybe share some programs in the "Software Showcase" section. There were a couple of questions/items from the December Roundtable that didn't get addressed, and we'll bring them up and see if we get any resolved. And you never know what might come up in our "open mic" Q&A.
Video at:

A Potpourri of Google Photos Tips & Tricks / Creating a Public Digital Calendar for Your Computer Club - Held Jan 25, 2023

A Potpourri of Google Photos Tips & Tricks with Chris & Jim Guld, GeeksOnTour.
Including Recent Improvements for faster and easier searching with Google Photos; Advanced photo searching techniques, including smarter naming of photo albums; How to share your album or a single photo with relatives and friends; Using motion photos (Android) and Live photos (iPhone): These are handy tools to ensure everyone in a group photo has their eyes open; Using motion photos (Android) and Live photos (iPhone)—handy tools to ensure everyone in a group photo has their eyes open; Background blurring; Face unblurring after the picture is taken, Color focus and the Smart Object Eraser.
No Video Yet
Creating a Public Digital Calendar for Your Computer Club with John Krout,
Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society.

A public calendar for your group can provide reminders of recurring events, such as meetings, SIGs, special events, etc., for your members and visitors to your website. Each digital calendar is accessible via a URL. You can share that URL via your web page, email, flyers, and social media. When you add or update an event in a digital calendar, that update is distributed to everyone who uses the digital calendar.
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December 2022 APCUG Workshops

Preserving Digital Photos / Record 4K Resolution Videos with Your Smartphone or Tablet - Held Dec 14, 2022

Preserving Digital Photos with Mark Schulman. Digital photos ought to last forever. Digital photos don't fade with time and can protect against natural disasters like fire and floods. That's the theory, anyway. And yet, if you're one of the millions of people with a digital camera, the chances of your great-grandchildren ever seeing your digital photos are very slim. Find out why the odds are stacked against you and what you can do to increase the chances that your family historian 200 years from now will be able to enjoy the photos you're taking now.
Video at:

Record 4K Resolution Video with Your Smartphone or Tablet with John Krout. Modern top-of-the-line smartphones can shoot 4K resolution videos, meaning 8.3 megapixels resolution. However, suppose your slightly older smartphone or tablet has a camera with an 8.3-megapixel resolution. In that case, this presentation will show you a free app to shoot 4K resolution videos on your Apple or Android phone. In addition, you will see a comparison of file sizes by different 4K video apps. Finally, decide for yourself which app does the best recording for your needs.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Held Dec28, 2022
The Linux Team: Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, John Kennedy, and Dave Melton.
Due to the holidays, we've moved the December Linux workshop to the 4th Wednesday. We hope you have a very Happy Holiday season. As we wrap things up, we want to hear from you at the end of '22. The team is sure there are some lingering questions you might want to ask or topics you might want to clarify. Is there something you would like to see again, or do you want to share some great news about Linux? We want to hear from anyone and everyone. Whether you are new to Linux, someone giving it a try from what you've learned in these workshops, or a more experienced user that wants to share information with the group or be there to help answer questions. We are also looking for suggestions for what the Learning Linux Workshops should be in '23. If you want to get your questions or things you'd like to see on the agenda (so you are guaranteed to get an answer), please email the "Host" at so the team can prepare the response or demo. See everyone at the end of the month. Bill James will tell us about his first-time experience with Linux.
Video at:

APCUG Annual Meeting Nov 2022

APCUG Annual Meeting - Held Nov 12, 2022
State of the Union, State of the State, State of Your City, join us for a State of APCUG meeting. President Ray Baxter will talk about what is happening with APCUG, and he will also give an almost year-end treasurer’s report; Advisors will speak about their Regions, Judy will present information about various committees, Election Committee members will present a slate of proposed officers (everyone agreed to run again) plus there will be time for nominations from the attendees. To nominate someone, you need their permission. Then we will open up the meeting for our usual Q&A.
Here are the descriptions for Directors and Advisors.
Directors are responsible for running APCUG’s daily business. Each January, they elect the required President, Secretary, and Treasurer. An additional officer is the Vice President.
Advisors are responsible for interfacing with the member groups in their assigned regions. They are the information conduit between their groups and APCUG. Advisors submit a monthly report on their group interaction and contribute a quarterly article for Reports on their group’s meetings, etc. They elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary in early January.
Directors and Advisors have a combined monthly meeting via Zoom.
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November 2022 APCUG Workshops

Cyber-safety in the digital age/ Thinking About Building or Buying a New Computer?
- Held Nov 12, 2022

Cyber-safety in the digital age. With Bob Gostischa, Enthusiastic IT Security Expert you always learn something new & have a few laughs. How we live, work, and play has changed dramatically throughout the past half-century. The 9-5 economics of years past have been replaced with globally integrated 24/7 service offerings. Consumers in the digital age have access to a host of services and products that could only have been considered available in the realm of science fiction. This presentation points out the dangers and offers suggestions that will aid in keeping you secure in this digital era. Using the right programs and apps can help keep you safe and secure and shrink your digital footprint. Using free programs and apps whenever possible to accomplish this goal is a bonus, and this presentation includes information on many recommended free programs.
Video at:

Are you thinking about building or buying a new computer? Roger Fujii, Treasurer, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society. Given the announcements of new CPUs and graphics cards, the introduction of DDR5, and the GPU pricing crash, now is an excellent time to consider building a new computer. Even if you don’t think you want to build it yourself, knowing what the parts are will help evaluate if the price is good for what you are getting. This workshop will cover the components needed and some pitfalls to be aware of.
Video at:

Learning Linux from the Windows User's Point of View - Part 3 - Held Nov 16, 2022
With Orv Beach, Linux Guru; Cal Esneault, Linux SIG Leader & Teacher, Cajun Clickers Computer Club; and John Kennedy, Host, Linux SIG/Help Desk & Webmaster, East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club.
Join us on the 16th as we wrap up our series on Learning Linux from the Windows 10 User's Point of View. Last month, we talked about the software that comes by default with your Linux distro. This month, Cal will speak to us about getting additional programs/apps. He will also review the new ways programs are getting packaged.
Orv will look deeper into the Linux Control Panel or Settings Menu to see what other settings Linux users might have that Windows users don't. With Linux, different distros might have more or fewer settings from which to choose. He will be sharing the KDE settings menu, which probably has the most, for those that like to customize.
We sometimes hear that people moving to Linux have problems with their printers, so John will talk briefly about that. If there's time, our last presentation will be on Ventoy, another option for running a live distro off a USB thumb drive. However, this option allows you to have multiple distros on just one drive.
Video at:

October 2022 APCUG Workshops

Online Safety is NOT only for Seniors / Encryption Software - Held Oct 12, 2022

Online Safety is NOT only for Seniors - Uwe Dotzauer, Network Engineer and Computer Consultant, will talk about "Online Safety is NOT only for Seniors!" How to conquer the "BIG CON"-- how to identify the scam, what we can do about it, how to secure our computer, and what to do when it happens.
No Video Yet

Encryption Software - Mark Schulman, Member, Central Florida Computer Society. Losing a laptop or flash drive might mean you're out of money, but it doesn't have to mean that your private data leaks into the world. Learn how to use encryption software to protect your private data on a PC, laptop, external hard drive, or USB flash drive.
Video at:

Home Theatre Tips & Tricks - Held Oct 12, 2022
with Ray Baxter, Bill James, & Mike Ungerman
Are you considering investing in a home theater or maybe upgrading your existing system? Ray Baxter, Mike Ungerman, and Bill James will share their experiences and tips on how to get the best bang for your buck. They will discuss the equipment and define the jargon in addition to answering your questions. Ray will discuss Plex Home Theatre, Bill, the pitfalls of purchasing equipment, Mike, speaker types, and placement. Videos at:

Learning Linux From Windows User's Point of View - Part 2: The Install - Held Oct 19, 2022
Orv Beach, Linux Guru; Cal Esneault, Linux SIG Leader & Teacher, Cajun Clickers Computer Club; and Dave Melton, Member, SCV Computer Club.

Hopefully, you were able to create a live USB drive, presented in last month's workshop, to test out Linux Mint without making any changes to your computer. This month we are going to focus on the actual installation on a computer. Orv will begin with a hardware improvement that will bring new life to your laptop or desktop (SSD). Then Cal will take us through an actual default install of Linux Mint-Cinnamon on a spare computer from start to finish. He will also talk about some of the necessary tasks that need to be done when first setting up a Linux computer. Linux distros come with just about every piece of software you need, but many Windows users are used to the paid MS Office productivity suite. Orv will return to tell you, "All you need is LOVE" (LibreOffice Very Effective), and how it solves all your production needs. Wrapping things up, Dave will go over many of the other default programs that come with Linux and explain what tasks and file types they will help you complete.
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Home Automation Security / Name that Tune! - Held Oct 26, 2022

Home Automation Security - Bill James' presentation covers home networks and automation, hackers, privacy, Smart TVs, and security for your router and home automation devices.
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Name that Tune!
– Music Trivia and Scam Education - Join Miles McNeeley from WISE & Healthy Aging for music, trivia, and learning. We will be listening to clips of your favorite songs from the 50s and 60s and guessing each song's title and artist/band. Test your music knowledge, or just listen in for fun! We'll spend a few moments discussing common scams after each song to increase our safety and awareness.
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September 2022 APCUG Workshops

Hard Disk Sentinel / Apple and Samsung Health Apps - Held Sept 14, 2022

Hard Disk Sentinel with Gabe Goldberg. Gabe will give a short presentation and demo of Hard Disk Sentinel (HDS). All members of APCUG groups are eligible for the 50% discount. HDS monitors drive status, including health, temperature, and all S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) values for all hard disk and solid-state drives. And it measures the disk transfer speed in real-time, which can benchmark or detect possible hard disk failures, and performance degradations. It is the perfect data protection solution: it can prevent drive failure and SSD/HDD data loss because it has the most sensitive disk health rating system, which is extremely sensitive to disk problems.
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Apple and Samsung Health Apps with Jerry Rogan & Bill James
. We can track and maintain our health by using our watches compatible with the popular Apple or Samsung Health apps. They can become our digital assistants. Jerry Rogan will begin the workshop by giving a presentation and demo on Apple's health apps; Bill James will follow with the same for the Samsung health apps.
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Learning Linux - Getting started using Linux from the Windows users' point of view
with John Kennedy & Cal Esneault - Held Sept 21, 2022

This will be the first of a 3-part series specifically for Windows users who want to learn more about Linux while still using Windows. In part one of the series, Introducing Linux, we'll begin with John sharing what software Windows users could/should be running to make the "slide" over to Linux easy. Then John will show the step-by-step process for downloading the Linux Mint ISO (installation file) and another program called Etcher (program to make live USBs) onto your Windows machine. John will finish up his portion of the workshop by taking you through creating a live USB with Mint on it. Next, Cal takes over and will show you the step-by-step process of getting your Windows computer to boot to the live USB so you can run the Linux Mint operating system without making ANY changes to your Windows operating system. Finally, Cal will finish this first session by giving you a tour of the live distro and what things you might need to check.
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August 2022 APCUG Workshops

Free and Open-Source Software / Free Utility Apps - Held August 10, 2022

Free and Open-Source Software with John Kennedy
. Where money does not have to speak, and you still want quality software, learn about many alternative programs that you can get for free to do your computing tasks. Many of these programs are cross-platformed (meaning they have versions for Windows, Macs, and Linux), so sharing files with just about anyone is easy.
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Utility Apps with Judy Taylour. What is a utility? An app that performs a specific task and adds functionality to your computer or helps your computer perform better. We all have our favorites: system monitoring, backing up, system maintenance, password management, virus protection, and more.
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The Linux Team is on vacation. No Workshop on August 17, 2022.

The Frugal Genealogist - Held August 20, 2022

The Frugal Genealogist with Sue Mueller. How to do genealogical research without breaking the bank! This class focuses on free resources found on the Internet by exploring county, city, and university libraries, free sites you may not know, using social media, and connecting with relatives you've had trouble finding. Work with your computer if you want to try visiting some of these new genealogy sites.
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ROUNDTABLE - Hybrid Meetings and Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebooks, and general tech Q&A - Held Aug 27, 2022
Now that more groups are planning for and having in-person hybrid meetings let’s get together this Saturday and discuss our plans for hybrid meetings (with members/guests both in-person and online) since more groups are having successful hybrid meetings or want to start hybrid meetings. As groups share around the table, find out what "bumps" and "roadblocks" they ran into when hosting their first hybrid meetings and hear the solutions that make a great hybrid meeting. Our Roundtable motto: User Groups learn from User Groups. The RT will be followed by a Help session – bring your Windows, Linux, Mac, and general tech questions to be answered by our panel of gurus.
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July 2022 APCUG Workshops

Is the future of money digital currency? / QR Codes and More - Held July 13, 2022

Is the future of money digital currency? Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour.
Is it the emerging technology of the decade? What are Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? All this and more will be covered in Chris’s presentation with Jim handling the technology.
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QR Codes and More. John Krout, PATACS.
QR codes provide a great variety of info and are popular for communicating Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), also known as web page addresses. Find out how your smartphone can read QR codes and other barcodes. In particular, find out about the info stored about you in the barcode on the back of your driver's license or state ID card. Some stores, including grocery stores where the presenter lives, now scan that barcode when alcohol is purchased. The scan obtains a great deal more personal info than your birth date.
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Learning Linux - Networking with the Linux Team - Held July 20, 2022
John KenneRegister for this workshdy, Orv Beach, & Dave Melton
There have been some requests from attendees regarding “networking” in Linux. However, being a wide topic with no real specific questions for the team, we’ll try to put together a presentation on networking that we feel relates to Linux. The workshop will be of more value to someone if they have a Linux box and more than one Linux box that can be networked together (if you don’t have at least two, you can’t have a network). This would include running Raspberry Pi’s. But even if you don’t, you might learn something and give networking a try.

We’ll start out with the basics of networking; Orv will begin at the beginning with information on IPv4 (we won’t be covering IPv6), addresses, netmasks, gateways, and using DHCP vs. Manual assigning of addresses. He will focus on networking in the terminal. John will share some screenshots of different distro’s GUI windows for setting up networking. Then Dave and John will present options for remote access including SAMBA, Warpinator, AnyDesk, and basic usage of the ssh/scp command in the terminal. Time permitting, Orv may share information of the more modern sftp command. After the formal presentation, we’ll open things up for others to share their knowledge about networking in Linux.
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Apple Apps Workshop: Mac Find My app and AirTags / Apple Maps -- Flyover Tours and City Guides / Intro to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - Held July 27, 2022

Mac Find My app and AirTags
Craig Wright, Columbus Computer Society and Deborah Neff, Prescott Macintosh User Group.
Have you misplaced your Mac, various devices, or personal items? Before that happens, learn to set up the Find My app – it can help you locate and protect your valuables. Also learn how to use an AirTag to help you track your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more. Video at:

Apple Maps -- Flyover Tours and City Guides

Brooke Thomas, Central Kentucky Computer Society. Video at:

Intro Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Jerry Rogan, Sunland Springs Village Technology Club. All of these apps are on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Jerry will demonstrate the ability to Open and View Microsoft Office files and create new documents and save them as Office documents, PDFs, or other formats.
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June 2022 APCUG Workshops

Touring the Web with JB Burke - Held June 8, 2022
The World Wide Web, or just "the Web," is immense. A quick search tells us there are about 4.2 billion indexed pages. Some are interesting, informative, educational, or entertaining, and some are plain weird. JB looks for all those while making his morning coffee, eating lunch, and whenever he finds a spare moment and saves them to create this program he calls "Touring the Web." It consists of web pages, videos, images, and other tidbits that will, he hopes, keep you entertained for an hour or so. JB's presentation changes every couple of months, just like the Web.
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In-depth Tour of Distrowatch with Cal Esenault and a Roundtable with the Linux Team - Held June 15, 2022
We hope you enjoy our planned activities for June. We'll start off the workshop with Cal Esenault giving us an in-depth tour of the website Distrowatch. He will share with us all the features (visible and invisible) that it offers Linux users and those interested in learning about Linux. Distrowatch isn't just for beginners or experienced users. Cal will help us understand the Ranking system it uses for the different distros and help us know it isn't really indicating which ones are the top distros. Find out why it's one of the best resources on Linux. Then continuing the theme of "resources," the team will share some of their favorite websites to get news and information about Linux and what some of their favorite Linux YouTube channels are. During the open mic part of the workshop, you'll be able to share any that might not have been mentioned.
Our second part of the workshop will be another Roundtable where we can all share thoughts and ideas and ask questions about Linux. We will be responding to polls, (like we did sometime last year) to use as discussion starters, where we'll find out a lot about the people in attendance and their travels with Linux. Please join us and take part. We think we'll learn a lot about what's happening in the Linux world.
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Digital Literacy with TechBoomers - Held Jun 22, 2022
Jessica Dawson, YouTube Channel Manager and Corbin Hartwick, Website Content Builder is a free educational website that teaches casual technology users, older adults, tech teachers, and any everyday Internet user how to use the websites, apps, and devices they enjoy using on a daily basis. We aim to improve everyday life by teaching our users about the great new sites and services online that they should start making use of today. TechBoomers’ tutorials and articles cover Shopping Online, Online Entertainment, Social Media Websites and Apps, Useful Websites and Apps, and Technology Basics.
TechBoomers loves sharing knowledge with as many people as possible! You can use their tutorials and articles however you like for SIG meetings, a hands-on presentation at your club meeting, to teach classes – you can even turn their tutorials into a PowerPoint presentation. TechBoomers materials are 100% free to use and distribute in any way you like!
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May 5, 2022 Was World Password Day

Here Are Some Resources for World Password Day from APCUG's Judy Taylour

How To Prepare for World Password Day (

It's past time you started using a password manager (whether you like it or not) | ZDNet

How to Start Using a Password Manager in 2022 | Simple Explanation (

This World Password Day consider ditching passwords altogether - Microsoft Security Blog

And Here Are Some Password Reviews

The 5 Best Password Managers of 2022 - Review Geek

Best Password Managers (2022): Features, Pricing, and Tips | WIRED

Best Password Manager to Use for 2022 - CNET

The best password managers in 2022 | Tom's Guide (,review-3785.html

May 2022 APCUG Workshops

Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi with Bill James - Held May 7, 2022
In the early days of networking, the term modem was used to describe a device that transformed speech into analog signals (and vice versa) to be transmitted over telephone lines. This presentation will discuss Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi and how to set up your devices for the best performance since we all want fast, reliable, and secure Internet. Bill will give us information on the latest modems and router hardware developments and best practices for setup and deployment. Next, he will discuss Wi-Fi as the best option and how it fits into Home Automation, demystifying terms like WPA, Wi-Fi 6, 802.11, Ethernet, and DOCIS 3.1. He will also cover the pros and cons of using a professional tech service to solve technical difficulties. If one or more of these topics piques your interest, this 2-hour workshop is for you. Bill's presentation will be followed by a discussion on whether to 'rent' or 'buy' your modem and router.
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Learning Linux: Headless Raspberry Pi - Held May 18, 2022
Curt Trout, Vice President, Twin Cities PC Users' Group
If you want to learn to drive a car, you have to get behind the wheel. Similarly, if you're going to learn Linux, you have to run a Linux computer. Curt will give us a tour, from 10,000 feet, of a Raspberry Pi (an inexpensive, single-board computer, SBC). Then he'll show a viable way to set up a Raspberry Pi without a lot of equipment (e.g., keyboard, monitor, cables, etc.) and space beyond the computer we now use every day. He'll only be using a Raspberry Pi (almost any model would work) and one (for power), maybe two (if a wired network connection is needed), cables. If time allows, he may even install Pi-hole to block many/most pesky ads for all the devices on our home network. After the presentation has been completed, if you are someone that is similarly using a Raspberry Pi as Curt (headless, without extra hardware), please share with us (and the other attendees) what you are doing so we get other ideas of what can be done. And if there's time, we'll welcome other uses of a Raspberry Pi using the extra hardware.
Video at:

Adding NAS to your Router and the meaning and use of IP addresses and port numbers - Held May 25, 2022
John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society VA
This presentation introduces the concept and utility of Network Attached Storage (NAS) for home local area networks (LAN) by connecting any USB drive to the USB port on a home router. This can be any portable storage devices, such as a flash drive, USB solid State Device (SSD), portable hard drive, and storage that requires AC power. You might wonder how storage can be connected to a home LAN and shared instead of connecting to a computer. Just about any router, including a USB socket, can act as the LAN connection for storage. Not all routers include a USB socket, but many current routers do, and some routers even have a second socket for more storage or for connecting a USB printer to the network. This presentation will show an example of a router with a USB socket and the steps for preparing storage to be connected to a router. Also, the presentation shows how to find and use the router-connected NAS using Windows File Explorer, Apple's File app on iPhones and iPads, and the Samsung My Files app for Android devices.
After the presentation has been completed, if you are someone that is using a network-attached storage (NAS) device in a similar way as John, please share with us (and the other attendees) what you are doing so we get other ideas of what can be done.
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April 2022 APCUG Workshops

Cyberwarfare & Cyber Security in View of the War in Ukraine & How We Can Protect Our Computers - Held April 13, 2022
Tom Sweet, North Texas PCUG
Cyberwarfare and cyber security in view of the war in Ukraine and how we can protect our computers. This presentation will seek to allay some fears, set the right size for some real risks, and reinforce past lessons to practice our good computing habits. Tom has followed the history of cyber aggressions through the Baltic and former CIS states beginning in the late 2000s, now primarily through the work of Cisco Talos. This period has seen the rise of strategic disinformation campaigns, criminal malware, and overt attack tools.
No Video

Windows 10/11 Security and Privacy - Held April 13, 2022
Bill James, Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Windows 10/11 Security and Privacy. Windows 10 and 11 have many privacy, and security settings turned on by default. However, you can customize them to suit your specific needs. We will review these settings and show what Windows is doing by default, why you may not need anything other than Windows Defender, and the Privacy settings built into Windows 10 and 11.
No Video

Linux for Beginners – Everyday Activities, Part 2 - Held April 20, 2022
John Kennedy, East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club
Last time, we looked at what kinds of Linux users' activities and programs are similar to what Windows users do. This time, join John as he goes down to the actual everyday tasks that users do on Linux computers and see if they aren't basically the same as what you do on Windows PCs, which makes for easy transitioning over to Linux. We'll spend time in the file management system, creating/saving/opening files, dealing with external drives, doing system checks, and other similar "everyday" tasks. In addition, there will be time during the open mic discussion to ask about any everyday tasks that might not have been covered. After having attended these two workshops, it's the goal that you'll feel confident that you can use the free and secure Linux operating system as your everyday operating system.
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Taking Better Pictures - Held April 27, 2022
Bob Bowser and Ray Martinez, Senior Computer Users Group of Greater Kansas.
Not a deep dive, but Ray and Bob will wade in with Settings and Basic Functions for picture taking on both Apple and Android devices (phones and tablets).
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March 2022 APCUG Workshops

Gmail – Beginner to Pro and Cool, Fun, & Helpful Google Stuff - Held Mar 9, 2022
Gmail – Beginner to Pro
Rob Truman, Webmaster, Computer Booters
Get the most out of your Gmail account. When it comes to Email, Gmail is considered by many to be the standard and a must-have when it comes to electronic communications. This presentation will address the features and benefits, including how to: organize your messages, create, and apply labels and filters, set your preferences, including customizing the look of Gmail, and using Gmail offline. Plus, learn how to use the Gmail sidebar to access your Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Contacts.
Cool, Fun, & Helpful Google Stuff
Shhh! Some of them are secrets. Judy Taylour, SCV Computer Club
Video at:

Learning Linux #14 LET'S TALK SOFTware - Held Mar 16, 2022
Linux Evangelists Orv Beach, Cal Esneault, John Kennedy
For this workshop, we'll be having a Roundtable discussion where we'll get to learn about what Linux users are using for their everyday software. We'll take a category and start with the Learning Linux panel to find out what they use. Then we want others to share what they are using (and if you are using the same thing as someone else, we want to know). This way, we may learn what the most popular software is for a particular category, and we may learn some new software suggestions to give a try. This will be a win-win for everyone who attends. Following are some of the categories we'll be sharing as our favorite software. We hope you will create a list you can share with us live or you can submit it in the Chat Box. This is not the complete list because someone will think of something we didn't: Browsers, File Managers, Word Processors, Document readers (PDF), Text editors, Note-taking, Office Suites, audio/video players, audio/video editors, Photo organizers, Graphic viewers/editors, Screen capture/recorder, Cloud storage, Remote access, Image/Data Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware protection, Hard drive clean-up, E-mail, and System Monitoring tools. Plus, we will consider anything you think we missed. We will cover backup apps at the March 30, World Backup Day Workshop.
Video at:

Celebrating World Backup Day - Backups in a Busy World - Held Mar 30, 2022
Mark Schulman, Central Florida Computer Society
It's World Backup Day on March 31 – Given enough time, every hard drive eventually fails, and most often, this means that all your photos, documents, and video -- everything! -- is lost. And recent evidence suggests that even under the best circumstances, hard drives don't last as long as previously thought. Backups are the only defense against serious data loss, yet most people don't bother. So instead, discover essential strategies to ensure your data is safe with the least amount of trouble.
After Mark's presentation, we had a Roundtable where attendees had the opportunity to tell or show us which backup app works for them. If you are one of the many people who don't backup, you might find one you would like to use.
Video at:

February 2022 APCUG Workshops

Digital Video Editing Fundamentals Plus
and How to Shoot 4K Resolution Video with your Smartphone or Tablet
- Held Feb 12, 2022
Digital Video Editing Fundamentals Plus
Learn the fundamental concepts of digital video editing applications on a personal computer. This includes a demo of the MAGIX Vegas video editor application and some short sample videos produced by John Krout, including the monthly pre-meeting slide show for the Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society.
How to Shoot 4K Resolution Video with Your Smartphone or Tablet
In this presentation by John Krout, you will learn:
--What is 4K video resolution, & how it differs from Full HD, typical resolution of large HDTVs?
--What type of HDTV can display 4K resolution video?
--How can a smartphone or tablet record 4K video?
--How can I edit 4K video and display my edited video on my 4K HDTV?
The presenter owns a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and an iPhone X. He has been able to record 4K video in MP4 files using each phone. He found a free video editor that works with the MP4 files he records using the Galaxy S10 phone.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Held Feb 16, 2022
Join us for another informative session getting chummy with the Penguin (Linux). Watch your fingers when you close the window, and hopefully, you won't take a bite out of a bad apple. At this month's workshop, Dave Melton will share his "My Linux Distro-Hopping Journey" with you. Find out what he liked and then what he didn't like to cause him to "hop" (and hop a few more times). Cal Esneault will give us a lot of information on "Software Management and the Default Software that Comes with Linux Mint." Orv Beach will not be with us this month (he decided it would be more fun to have his knee replaced), so John Kennedy will be filling in doing a presentation on the "Linux Control Panel/Control Center," taking a hard look at all the settings that are available in most Linux distros.
Video at:

It's All About Windows 11 - Held Feb 23, 2022
Windows 11 and 10 look quite different, but much of what we like to use is still the same. Bill James' presentation takes us through What's New, What's Changed, and What is no longer included. Then, he will start you on your journey deciding if Win 11 is for you or if you will stay with Win 10 for a while longer. Of course, you have until 2025 to make up your mind but learning something new keeps us sharp.
Video at:


January 2022 APCUG Workshops

What's New in '22 Roundtable - Held Jan 12, 2022
We'll talk about what our groups have planned for this new year and if/how APCUG can help. How is your group handling the COVID problem? Share your ideas and learn something new to do with your group. Have received several emails about January meetings featuring what tech gifts members received; one group also asked members to share the way they used technology for their holiday decorations.
Video at:

Linux for Beginners - Held Jan 19, 2022
I've installed Linux, now what do I do next? John Kennedy gets this question a lot. His usual answer is, "The same things you'd do if you were running Windows." So, join John today to see how he customizes his Linux operating system just like he did (or you might have done) when he was using Windows. He'll start with all the customization he does to the desktop to make it "work for him (and not his working for the desktop)." Then he'll talk about what software he might use for the different tasks for his daily computing workflow. There will be plenty of time for Linux beginners to submit questions about "how do you do this or that" and "what would you use to do this or that" in Linux. We'll look it up if John doesn't know how or what. And if John determines something is not on the beginner level, we will use it for the next Learning Linux team workshop to tackle. By the end of this workshop, you should feel as much at home with Linux as you might with Windows (or macOS).
Video at:

Chromebooks, an Alternative - Held Jan 26, 2022
Bill James, APCUG Region 8 Advisor & Speakers Bureau Member. A Chromebook does what many people want a computer to do, better and faster than any other laptop, regardless of price. It is the most secure portal to the Web that has ever been built because of super-fast updates and sandboxing. A Chromebook can pair with your Android phone and be used for messaging and video calling. It is perfect for anyone who wants to grab a laptop, sign in, and spend an afternoon watching Netflix or shopping online. You can also use it as a terminal to connect to your Windows PC or Mac. Chromebooks are Fun! Learn more from this informative presentation.
Video at:

Snapseed - Held Jan 26, 2022
Chris & Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour. Digital Editing with your Chromebook and Android & iOS devices. Enhance your photos, apply digital filters, and take your photos from So-So to Stunning with the Free Snapseed app on your Chromebook, Android, and iOS mobile devices.
Use it along with Google Photos when you want to improve your photo in a way that Google Photos can’t. If all you need to do is a basic crop, straighten, brighten, etc. you can use the simple tools built into Google Photos.
Video at:

January-May 2021 APCUG Workshops

APCUG 2021 Drones Wednesday Workshop - Held Jan 27, 2021
Workshop discussed Autonomous Drone Flights using a DJI entry-level drone called the Mavic Mini. Maybe you got a drone for Christmas, or maybe you've thought about buying one? Maybe you're just curious how they do that. Pay attention to the TV shows and movies and you will see drones being used in nearly every instance. From HDR photography to field mapping to flying commercially or pleasure, learn how drones can be used for fun and profit.
Video at:

APCUG 2021 Quick and Easy Tips for Speaking in the Virtual World Workshop - Held Feb 17, 2021
Presented by Frank DiBartolomeo, President, DiBartolomeo Consulting International
Are you interested in giving online presentations or would you like to give a better online presentation? If so, this workshop was for you. Some of the topics Frank covered were:
Virtual Communication Methods
Pros/cons of virtual communication
Practical Tips for virtual communication
Zoom video communication platform, and more
Video at:

APCUG 2021 Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi Wednesday Workshop - Held Feb 24, 2021
We all want fast, reliable, and secure Internet. This workshop discussed the latest developments in modems and router hardware, buying & using your own equipment, and best practices for setup & deployment. We discussed Wi-Fi as the best option and how it fits into Home Automation; demystify terms like WPA, WiFi-6, 802.11, Ethernet, and DOCIS 3.1. We also discussed the pros & cons of using a professional tech service to solve our technical difficulties. If one or more of these topics piqued your interest, then this 2-hour workshop was for you. We will concluded with a robust Q&A. Video at:

Macs vs Windows PCs - Held Mar 10, 2021
Presentation of MAC vs PC comparison of features and pros and cons of each so you could consider leaving Microsoft Windows & go with an Apple product such as a MAC Mini, Macbook Pro laptop, or an integrated unit such as the iMac. There are ways to have your cake & eat it too by running a copy of your favorite Windows OS right on your MAC for those times when nothing but Windows will solve your problem. Video at:

Learning Linux #6 -Settings & Files & Commands, Oh My - Held Mar 17, 2021
This Learning Linux workshop, covered a number of topics. First, we took a look at the differences between selected Distros and what they offer in terms of settings and preferences. Then presented a Beginner's Guide to the Linux file structure, which varies a bit from what is found in Windows. And finally begin a series of presentations on Basic Commands for the Terminal for Beginners. Another session will be offered at the May workshop. Video at:

Easily Stay In Touch With Your Members With Mailchimp - Held Mar 24, 2021
Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools used for communicating with your group’s target market – members & prospective members. In this APCUG workshop, we showed how to utilize this free web-based app for sending information to your club or group. We also showed how to create a free account, build a mailing list, & develop an informational email for your members. The app has built-in templates to create compelling & interesting electronic messages, eBulletins, newsletters, & more. Our panel shared their experiences using Mailchimp & how they develop content for their messages. Video at:

How & Why To Back Up Your Hard Drive - Held on "World Back Up Day," Mar 31, 2021
Don’t lose any or all of your important data: documents, photos, music, or videos. We looked at an overview of backing up your hard drive & your smartphone during this workshop. There were also demonstrations of various back-up apps: Bob Gostischa demoed Aomei, Bill James showed us how the Windows 10 File History works, plus another demo of backup programs.
Video at:

Cutting the Cord -Watching TV (Legally) Without Cable - Held Apr 14, 2021
Have you wanted to cut the cord? Pay less money each month for the programs you want to watch? Don’t know how to do it? Afraid to take the leap? Rob Truman helped us discover our options when it comes to living without a cable bill each month. We learned how to use our Internet connection for all our viewing needs, including cable, local, premium, music, and sports channels.
Video at:

Learning Linux Workshop #7 - Held Apr 21, 2021
The topic for this workshop presentation is “Customizing the Linux Desktop.” One of the great features of Linux is how customizable the desktop environment can be. We will have four Linux users start with the default desktop look that comes with different distros and show us how they customize it to meet their likes, needs, and workflow. Video at:

Genealogy - Held Apr 28, 2021
Have you wanted to know more about your relatives but don’t know how to start or what to use? Sue, Orv, and Murray talked about What is genealogical software? Why use it? and gave a demonstration on Family Tree Maker, Gramps, and RootsMagic.
Video at:

WYZE Home Security Cameras - Held May 12, 2021
This workshop was a presentation on WYZE home security cameras with a cookbook of apps that can be leveraged to provide all sorts of options for security, notification, & operations. Some of the apps learned will have uses outside of the security realm. Apps discussed included: IFTTT, Kasa, Tasker, Alexa, Reverb, TinyCam PRO, & Bluestacks. This was a lengthy discussion & a PDF file will be available.
Video at:

Learning Linux Workshop #8 - Held May 19, 2021
Potpourri with Linux Evangelists on backing up, printing, security, networking, and more with an extended Q&A for follow-up questions you might have from past workshops. Video at:

MeWe and Online Privacy - Held May 26, 2021
MeWe is a secure alternative to Facebook with no ads - no spyware - your life isn’t 4-sale. Online Privacy by Joe Kissell, Publisher & Author, TakeControlBooks. Joe’s VTC presentation maxed out at 100 attendees with many not having an opportunity to get a ‘seat’ so we thought we would offer it again since security is always a timely topic. Having your data online puts you at risk for theft, embarrassment, and all manner of trouble. This presentation covers practical advice that we need to handle common online privacy problems and how to develop a sensible online privacy strategy, customized for our needs. Video at:

June 2021 APCUG Workshops

Learning Linux Workshop #9 - Held June 16, 2021
Orv and John, Linux Evangelists, respond to comments and suggestions from the Linux #8 workshop. They will talk about:
- being honest about our limitations and Linux on a Chromebook
- more command line tools that do things easier for you
- running multiple versions of Linux on a single USB/thumb drive
- using a Raspberry Pi as your desktop replacement, NAS (network attached storage) & some possible software alternatives, maybe talk about running Windows programs in/on Linux release cycles for Linux, reviewing use of live media, and where to find previous recordings.
Video at:

Roundtable - In-person, Hybrid, Online Meetings - Held June 23, 2021
Now that in-person meetings are possible. Let’s get together and talk about the plans we have for our groups as our areas open up to in-person meetings and if / how APCUG can help. By sharing, everyone should get helpful ideas for their group.
Video at:

Robots for Seniors & My 3D Printer - Held June 30, 2021
Robots for Seniors - From intelligent audio to humanoid robots.
My 3D Printer - There are numerous 3D printing capabilities from FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) to SLA (Stereolithography), ranging from a couple hundred dollars upward to thousands. How all of them work will not be explained, just the setup, which the speaker (Larry Fortna) has been using for over six years now. He will cover the tools he uses to design a 3D object for printing, the software he prefers to use to process the 3D objects into gcode (the 3D printer's language), and the software he uses to make 3D printed objects. He will talk about the filaments available, their pros and cons, and ways to improve the look of the finished product, the build plate, calibration, and maintenance of your machine, as well as some homemade tools he uses. Larry is constantly finding uses for his 3D printer. He doesn't know how he would get along without one now. Join Larry to learn why and how you, too, should have a 3D printer.
Video at:

July 2021 APCUG Workshops

Evernote Basics for 2021 & OneNote - Held July 14, 2021
Evernote Basics for 2021 with Hewie Poplock, Central Florida Computer Society
Evernote gives you everything you need to keep life organized—great notetaking, project planning, and easy ways to find what you need when you need it. You can capture anything by adding more than text to your notes, including photos, files, and to-do lists. You can keep it together by creating a personal space for all your most important ideas and information. You can find it fast and get the right note right away with powerful search and keyword tags. You can sync your notes to all your devices, so they stay with you, even if you are offline. Hewie has used Evernote since 2008 and has almost 17,000 notes. He talks about the differences in the Free and Premium plans and demonstrates Evernote's search speed and accuracy. If you use Evernote, he will show you some of the differences between version 6 and version 10.
OneNote with Mark Schulman, Central Florida Computer Society
This presentation provides a brief overview of Microsoft OneNote and how people can organize the flood of information we all have to deal with. Topics include How information is organized in OneNote, creating Notebooks, editing information, including graphs, tables, audio, video, and drawings, sharing information with others, including real-time collaboration, where to get OneNote, add-ins, and searching.Video at:

Linux #10 – Gnome Desktop Environment and more - Held July 21, 2021
The 10th edition of the Learning Linux Wednesday Workshop will include "the Gnome Desktop Environment, reviewing what is featured in the Gnome 3 version - to the new generation of totally redesigned Gnome 40; digging deeper into the sharing of files in the Linux network with the use of SSH; and Partitioning of internal/external drives along with discussing the custom installation of Linux." And we may even address some other items. Video at:

Email 101 and ProntonMail - Held July 28, 2021
Email 101 with Dale Harrington, MICRO-PC. Let's talk about email. Is it dying? All about it! How to use it effectively
ProtonMail by John Kennedy. John will tell us about how we can ensure our emails stay private with end-to-end encryption and they are stored on ProtonMail servers in an encrypted format. So not even ProtonMail can read our emails. It is a 100% free community, open-source service hosted in Switzerland that has the world's strongest privacy laws.
Video at:

August 2021 APCUG Workshops

It's all about Cars! - Held Aug 11,2021
Music in the Car with Ray Baxter, President, Payson Computer Meet-Up Club.
Remember when it was so "cool" to have a push-button AM radio in the car? This presentation will review how to utilize your existing Compact Disc collection, now that many new cars no longer have a CD player, by streaming from an online service, using Bluetooth, flash drives, smartphones, etc. Video at:
Automotive Diagnostics & Blue Driver with John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology & Computer Society. Learn how the commercial Blue Driver car interface, and the free Blue Driver app, enable you to read and maybe even understand the English-language descriptions of trouble codes recorded in your car's internal network. All vehicles sold new in the U.S. since 1996 are required to include the standard interface to which the Blue Driver Bluetooth interface connects. Learn the difference between transient codes and permanent codes. Keep your car maintenance vendor honest by ensuring they focus on what is necessary according to your car.
Video at:

Review and New with the Linux Team - Held Aug 25, 2021
This is a separate workshop not in the Learning Linux series and has a unique registration link. It is only for those new to Linux or interested in learning about Linux. And those attending our series who need to clarify and review some of what we have talked about.
The primary focus will be an open mic Q&A session where beginners can ask those questions they felt they couldn’t ask before. This will be the time for you to get the answers you need to some of those burning questions like: “What did you mean by .…?” or “Will you repeat ..…?” or “Show me again … ?” or “I still don't understand ….?” or “How do you …?” or “Can you explain ....... in a different way?"
Video at:

September 2021 APCUG Workshops

Remote Assistance - Held Sep 8, 2021
Do you need help with your computer? Has a friend, relative, or tech group member asked for your help with a problem?
You can try to help over the phone, get in your car, drive to their house if they live close enough, create some instructions with screenshots and email that to them, and try to walk them through what needs to be done.What about someone who hasn’t a clue and isn’t comfortable changing things on their computer? Think your mom, dad, aunt Tillie, etc. Enter Remote Access software. This Wednesday Workshop will show you how easy it is to use one of the below remote access apps to give or receive assistance.
AnyDesk Remote Access – Dave Melton, SCV Computer Club
Chrome Remote Desktop – Bill James, Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Mac to Mac – Larry Fortna, Lakes At Leesburg Computer and Technology Club
Skype to Skype – Bill James and Tom McAndrews, Wisconsin All-Users Club
TeamViewer – John Kennedy, East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club
Windows 10 Quick Assist – Bill James
Zoom to Zoom – Bill James and Stacey Titter

It’s all about the Pi, Raspberry Pi - Held Sep 15, 2021
The low-cost Pi is designed to let people experiment with building software and hardware. It is a very small single board with 1, 2, or 4 GB RAM and USB 3.0. The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B sells for $35 with 1GB memory, but you can pay more to get more memory, a $45 Raspberry Pi 4 has 2GB memory and a $55 board 4GB memory. It can be used as a low-cost PC, from browsing the internet & playing high-definition video to creating spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games. It can be used in various projects, from music machines to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras. The Pi uses the Linux Raspbian OS, based on Debian created by Ian Murdock & his wife, Debra. Dave Melton showed us how he programmed his Raspberry Pi 4 to automate his sprinkler system; others showed us what they do with their Raspberry Pi devices. It was initially created for kids but, aren’t we all kids at heart & having fun with technology. Video at:

Encryption Software & Safety for Seniors - Held Sep 22, 2021
Encryption Software with Mark Schulman. Losing a laptop or flash drive might mean you're out some money, but it doesn't have to mean that your private data leaks out into the world. Learn how to use encryption software to protect your private data on a PC, laptop, external hard drive, or USB flash drive.
Safety for Seniors with Lieutenant Kim Lopez, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma. This presentation is for senior adults who may not be able to protect themselves, yet it is applicable for all ages as violent crime occurs every 24.6 seconds. Attendees will learn why they should have a plan, what plan they should have and the tools to carry out that plan; how to avoid becoming a financial victim; the most common human response to violent crime; and it will answer questions like: which purse to carry, which purse NOT TO EVER CARRY, how men should carry wallets and why parking lots are so dangerous. Participants will leave knowing which method is the safest and why you should always get a shopping cart and never push it through the checkout line!
Video at:

VirtualBox and Custom Linux Installation - Held Sep 29, 2021
VirtualBox and a Custom Linux Installation with John Kennedy. At past Learning Linux workshops, we talked about using VirtualBox to test out Linux. But VirtualBox can also have other uses. We will talk about getting, installing (on both Windows - since most new users will be using Windows to test Linux, and Linux), and then using VirtualBox to create a "virtual machine" (actual operating systems that aren't really there). Then we will use VirtualBox to do a custom install of Linux Mint-MATE (John’s choice). A good while back we did a standard install and let the installation program handle everything. This time we'll show you what options you have when you do a Linux install customized for what you want to be able to do.
Video at:

October 2021 APCUG Workshops

Complete Robocall Defense - Held Oct 13, 2021
Complete Robocall Defense with John Krout, Presenter and Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society, showed us:
How to prevent your smartphone from ringing when someone outside of your Contacts list calls.
How to create and install a custom voicemail greeting that includes the Special Information Tones (SIT) to convince robocaller systems that your number is not in service.
How to use the free Audacity app to create a custom voicemail greeting, including the SIT recording posted online by the presenter.
How a free app for Android enables the installation of a custom voicemail greeting via Wi-Fi.
Learn how simple cables allow iPhone users to install a custom voicemail greeting.
Video at:

Learning Linux - Held Oct 20, 2021
Learning Linux with Orv Beach and John Kennedy, Linux Evangelists. This month Orv started things off by reminding us "Why Linux is So Secure." He followed that review presentation with information about vi/vim, nano, ne, and tilde? Say what? He'll told us what they are, why we would use them, and how to use them. Then John told us about another feature of Linux in a presentation entitled "User Groups in Linux: Another Layer of Protection and Security." Following that, he shared with us "Workspaces and Virtual Desktops." What are they and the benefits of using them? And how do you set them up and use them efficiently? And a few keyboard shortcuts to head you down the road to becoming a "power user" (this is for beginners as well as experienced users). We also looked at how you can create custom keyboard shortcuts that add to what's available in your Linux distro. No Video

Windows 11 Presentation & Demo
- Held Oct 27, 2021
Windows 11 Presentation & Demo with Tom Burt, Vice President, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club, Nevada.
Tom gave us a tour of Windows 11 with what's new, what's changed, and more. If your computer is Win 11 ready, you have a notice in Settings>Update & Security letting you know if your computer is ready for the download. You need to decide if you want to upgrade or keep Windows 10 for a while longer, try Linux, or even WindowsFX, or there might be a Chromebook in your future.
Video at:

November 2021 APCUG Workshops

Windows Q&A - Held Nov 10, 2021
.Focus was on any and all questions about the Windows operating system. A team was available to start the ball rolling with answers, and opened it up to anyone in the audience that might have the answer. Video at:

Linux Q&A - Held Nov 17, 2021
Focus was on any and all questions about the Linux operating system. A team was available to start the ball rolling with answers, and opened it up to anyone in the audience that might have the answer. Video at:

December 2021 APCUG Workshops

Electronic Holiday Greeting Cards -Held Dec 1, 2021
Bob Bowser, Director, The Senior Computer User Group of Greater Kansas City showed us several options for sending holiday greetings to our friends and family. He took us on a visit to several websites varying from free electronic cards to membership-based electronic cards and options to purchase physical cards from home with ways to distribute them and/or get them sent to your home for you to mail.
Video at:

Not Your Parent’s PowerPoint -Held Dec 1, 2021
Marcia Berkey, Class Instructor, Sarasota Technology Users Group. PowerPoint is more than just presentation software. This presentation demonstrates many unusual uses for PowerPoint, from documenting your memories to creating greeting cards for the holidays. You will learn how to create a Photo Album for life events, not to be confused with Photo Books from other vendors. However, there is a cool trick that you can use in PowerPoint to make your Photo Books better. You will also learn how to narrate your slideshows, add music to them, and how to export your PowerPoint as an .mp4 video. You can share your creations through your favorite social media sites. Have fun with Marcia learning more about PowerPoint. Video at:

Make Your Own 2022 Photo Calendar at Home -Held Dec 8, 2021
John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology And Computer society. We are all awash in digital photos, not only our own but those of our relatives and friends. So why not make a calendar to show off the best ones? All you need is PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress and a color printer. Learn how you can download and customize the calendar table files (containing 12 calendar months and white space for photos) by adding your photos and calendar entries such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth. This presentation also includes information on how John prints and binds his calendar copies at home and ways you might work with commercial printing companies to do that. Note: As of April 2021, the 2022 calendar files are posted online for free downloading.
Video at:

Learning Linux #11 - Software Installations and Removals -Held Dec 15, 2021
There have been numerous questions about software asked at previous Linux Workshops, where do you get the software, how do you install software, and how do you remove the software. At this workshop, we focused on those very topics. There are several places you can get the software, and we covered them (starting with the distro’s software center and going out to the Internet). There are also many ways to install the software, and we covered them (starting with the distro’s package manager, the newest container packages, the command line, and even compiling them yourself). Finally, we discussed reversing the process (uninstalling) based on the way you installed it. You can choose precisely how technical you want to get in this whole software process (including being safe).
Video at:

2020 APCUG Workshops

APCUG 2020 Password Manager Workshop - Sep 29, Oct 1, & Oct 29, 2020
Attendees learned how to solve password management problems using an open-source solution called Bitwarden. Password theft is a serious problem. Everyone should be using a password management program and Bitwarden is one of the easiest and safest ways to store all of your logins and passwords while syncing them between all of your devices.
Sep 29Password Manager Workshop, Part 1 Video is at:
Oct 1Workshop on Bitwarden Installfest, Part 2 Video at:
Oct 29Tweaking Bitwarden, Part 3 Video at:

APCUG 2020 Linux Wednesday Workshops - Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 2, Dec 16, 2020
Linux Wednesday Workshops lead by Orv Beach (Linux Expo (SCALE) guru), John Kennedy (Advisor, Regions 3 & 6/7), and Sharan Kalwani (SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization). This Linux team introduced attendees to the world of Linux in the next series of APCUG workshops. Thay begin with an introduction to Linux and answered the questions "why so many." They talked about the installation process to get Linux working on your computer. Then moved on to talk about how to choose between the many options you have with Linux. Finally, they spent some time discussing software that runs on Linux to do your daily computer needs. After each workshop, there was time for a Q&A.
Linux Workshop #1, Oct 28 - "Getting Started" Video at:
Linux Workshop #2, Nov 18 - "Getting and Installing Linux" Video at:
Linux Workshop #3, Dec 2 - "Distros and Desktops" Video at:
Linux Workshop #4, Dec 16 - "Software, Applications Package Management"
Video at:

APCUG 2020 Fall Online Workshops
These four workshops are on "Home Automation for Seniors" and took place the second Wednesday of the month starting in September.
Sep 9 – Why do I need it? The workshop will begin by explaining why home automation is important to Seniors. What products are on the market, costs, security, and some real-world testimonials.
Home Automation Workshop #1 Video:
Oct 14 – Where do I start? How to go about planning your home automation project and best practices.
Home Automation Workshop #2 Video at:
Nov 11 – Lights, doorbells, locks, and cameras. Applications using lights, doorbells, locks, and cameras.
Home Automation Workshop #3 Video at:
Dec 9 – Doing it myself vs. Having it done. The benefits of making it a DIY project or having a professional install.
Home Automation Workshop #4 No Video available yet.

APCUG 2020 Summer Online Workshops
Get to Know Windows from An Insiders Point of View took place the second Wednesday of the month (May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12). These four 2-hour workshops were on how to get the best out of Windows 10. There were how-tos, hands-on demos, and discussion with ample time for Q&A. Moderator was Bill James, APCUG Advisor, Region 8.
Week 1 - What’s New with Windows 10, the 2004 Spring Feature Update / Week 2 - Settings
Week 3 - File Explorer / Week 4 - Edge

APCUG 2020 Summer Online Workshop Week 4
Week 4 of the Online Workshop - "Getting to Know Windows from An Insiders Point of View" was held August 12 and featured the Microsoft Edge Browser - It’s now a Chromium-based browser. It brings a lot of new features to the table and they were all explored plus finding out if it is the best browser. The audience also learned how to earn $$ by using Bing.
Week 4 -Video of the Presentation is at:

APCUG 2020 Summer Online Workshop Week 3
Week 3 of the Online Workshop - "Getting to Know Windows from An Insiders Point of View" was held July 8 and featured the Windows 10 File Explorer - Back-in-the-day, Bill Gates told us to think of our hard drive as a file cabinet and to organize our files. File Explorer is our handy file cabinet. The presentation dug into File Explorer to see how it can help us with our daily life with our computer. Have you added the helpful checkbox?
Week 3 - Video of the Presentation is at:

APCUG 2020 Summer Online Workshop Week 2
Week 2 of the Online Workshop - "Getting to Know Windows from An Insiders Point of View" was held June 10.
Settings - They explored the many options you can change to make your computer more secure. Do you know how much Ram you have? What version of Windows? What about the Security & Update area? Do you take a look at it every once in a while? Did you check your custom settings after the Spring and fall Feature update?
Week 2 - Video of the Presentation is at:

APCUG 2020 Summer Online Workshop Week 1
Week 1 of the Online Workshop - "Getting to Know Windows from An Insiders Point of View" was held May 13. Week 1 covered "What’s New with Windows 10, the 2004 Spring Feature Update." SCPCUG Membership Chairperson Linda Glassburn attended and provided a link to the Presentation Video and 2 PDFs.
The Presentation Video runs 1hr 38min followed by a Q&A. Total video time is 2hrs 34min.
Week 1 - Video of the Presentation is at:
Lesson Plan for Windows from an insiders View-week 1.pdf

2021 APCUG Virtual Technology Conferences

APCUG's Free Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-42) - Held Nov 6, 2021
Details at:
Topics include:
Preserving Digital Photos -
Video at:
Finding and Using Historical Newspapers
- Video at:
Is Cyber Security Really Important?
- Video at:
Ever Lost Your SmartPhone? -
Video at:

APCUG's Free Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-41) - Held Aug 21, 2021
Details at:
Topics included:
Introduction to Geocaching -
Video at:
Making Your Own Travel Maps with Google Maps
- Video at:
Genealogy Road Trip: It's All About the Prep Work -
Video at:
Computers during the early U.S. space program -
Video at:
Make your vacation photos look better with GIMP -
Video at:
The State of Electric Vehicles -
Video at:

APCUG's Free Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-40) - Held May 1, 2021
Details at:
YouTube APCUG VTC-40 Promo Video at:
Topics included:
Learn all about a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
- Video at:
The Audio in Audacity! -
Video at:
Using the Control Center on your iPad -
Video at:
Your Online Privacy -
Video at:
Music in the Car -
Video at:
Word Tips and Tricks -
Video at:

APCUG's Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-39) - Held Feb 13, 2021
Topics included:
How to…. Make an informed decision when buying a 2021 Printer
How to…. Use the Windows Tips App
How to…. Use CCleaner for more than cleaning your hard drive
How to…. Set up a Free BLOG on
How to…. use some of the changes in iOS 14 for your iPhone
How to..... play online board games with Tabletop Simulator
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs at:

2020 APCUG Virtual Technology Conferences

APCUG’s Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-38)
APCUG's Free 2020 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-38) was held Nov 7. Topics included:
Navigating the Post-COVID Era Video at:
Staying Safe and Secure Video at:
How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music
Video at:
What’s New With Google Photos in 2020, Chris & Jim Guld, The Geeks Who Teach
Video at:
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs at:

APCUG’s Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-37)
APCUG’s FREE 2020 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-37) was held Aug 15. Topics included: Saving Your Life with Technology, Part 2 / "FreeNAS - A Great Choice For A Home Server" / Chromebooks for Geeks / Chromebooks for Geeks / Fundamentals of Microsoft 365 / Solve Your Password Management Problems / A PC User’s Guide for Avoiding the Grief of Losing your Information.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG’s Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-36)
APCUG’s FREE 2020 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-36) was held May 2. Topics included: Let’s Go Shopping; Audible Audio Books; A hearing revolution with healthable devices; Digitize old album photos into Google Photos and Chromecast to TV; What’s happening with your group while everyone is staying safer in place?
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos when available at:

APCUG Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-35)
APCUG’s FREE 2020 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-35) was held Feb 8. Topics included: The Browser – Your Most Important App; What will 5G mean to you?; Getting started in researching your Family History (Even if you have been researching for years); Future of Technology; Introduction to Home Automation; Creating a Podcast for your group.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

2019 APCUG Virtual Technology Conferences

APCUG Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-34)
APCUG’s FREE 2019 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-34) was held Nov 2. Topics included: Saving Your Life with Technology; What’s New with iOS 13; Protecting Your Digital Life; Android 10’s New Features; Easy Transition from Windows to Linux.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-33)
APCUG’s FREE 2019 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-33) was held Aug 17. Topics included: Driving with Google Maps; The Installation, Care and Feeding of a Mesh Router; Battle of the Browsers, How I fired my cable company and still enjoy TV, Internet and a home phone; The most common issues that need repair from a PC/Mac repair shop perspective; Going Paperless; Let’s Talk Round Table discussion.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-32)
APCUG’s FREE 2019 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-32) was held May 4. Topics included: A Beginners Guide to WordPress, Are Your Bits Flipped?, Windows 7 Security Sunset, Google Photos: 7 Favorite Features, Youth and Technology, What’s an App?, and A Website Roundtable-Your Group’s Website.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-31)
APCUG’s FREE 2019 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-31) was held Feb 9. Topics included: Microsoft Security Center Windows 10, New Privacy Updates Windows 10, Password Managers for all devices, Staying Connected While You Travel, Genealogy, The Future of Windows, and a Roundtable Discussion.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

2018 APCUG Virtual Technology Conferences

APCUG 2018 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-30)
APCUG’s FREE 2018 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-30) was held Nov 3. Topics included: If it’s Connected, it needs to be Protected; Cut the Cord, Things to Consider Before Firing Your Cable Company; Excel Magic; Take Control of Your Passwords; Hands-on Demo – Windows 10, October Release; Digital Literacy with TechBoomers.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2018 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-29)
APCUG’s FREE 2018 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-29) was held Aug 18. Topics included: Digital Afterlife, Tech Tips and Apple Tech Tips on APCUG’s Website, What’s New with Chromebooks in 2018, Digital Terrorism and Hate 2018 – An update on the continued use of Internet technology by extremists, Linux and the ham radio “Internet,” Evidence Based Medicine.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2018 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-28)
APCUG’s FREE 2018 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-28) was held May 5. Topics included: Create Smart Home & Voice Assistants, Windows 10 April Update, Teaching Computer Skills, Synchronizing Your PC, What’s new in Ubuntu 18.04, How to Write and Publish an eBook.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2018 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-27)
APCUG’s FREE 2018 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-27) was held Feb 10. Topics included: Social Networking- How to Navigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram; Protect Your Important Tech ‘Stuff’; 2 Factor Authentication (2FA); Digital Terrorism and Hate on the Internet; Google apps at home and on the go; Becoming Your Own Computer Expert.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

2017 APCUG Virtual Technology Conferences

APCUG’s Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-26)
APCUG’s FREE 2017 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-26) was held Nov 4. Topics included: Tips for Staying Safe Online and Preventing Identity Theft, How to Use VPN As Your Cloak of Invisibility When Accessing the Internet, Sharing Club Articles on Medium, Hands-on LibreOffice Demo, Google Photos, and Voice Operated Assistants.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2017 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-25)
APCUG’s FREE 2017 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-25) was held Aug 19. Topics included: Pi-hole is a LAN-wide ad blocker, GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System-Why You Shouldn't Get Lost, Home Automation Security, Chromebooks are for Seniors, Finding Tech Information on, Ideas for Revitalizing Your Computer Club.
View Presenter Bios and get Presentation PDFs and YouTube video links when available at:

APCUG 2017 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-24)
APCUG’s FREE 2017 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-24) was held May 6. Topics included: Picking the Best Backup Approach, Home Automation, Tune up Your Windows PC, Photo Editing with The Gimp, Crypto-Viruses, Alternative to Closing Your Computer Club.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2017 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-23)
APCUG’s FREE 2017 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-23) was held Feb 11. Topics included: Trendy Ideas from a Proud Tinkerer, Simple Techniques for Making a "Windows" Computer Easier to Use, Facebook for Your Group, Social Media for the Non-Tweeter, iOS 10 Features for iPad / iPhones, and Preview of Windows 10 Creator's Update.
View Presenter Bios and get links to Presentation PDFs and YouTube Videos at:

APCUG 2016 International Technology Conference
The 2016 International Tech Conference took place at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas on Oct 21, 22 & 23. There were attendees from: Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Virginia.
Summary and photos at:

APCUG 2016 Digital Photo, Newsletter & Website Contest Winners
1st. 2nd, and 3rd place Newsletter and Website contest winners will receive flash drives as prizes. Digital Photo contest winners will receive SD cards. All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Participation. The winners were announced during the 2016 International Tech Conference as well as the Best of Show Photo Contest winner where all the photos submitted were eligible to be selected as Best of Show by the attendees.
Contest Winners posted at:

APCUG 2016 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-22)
APCUG’s FREE 2016 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-22) was held Nov 5. Topics included: What to Do When Your Computer Will Not Boot; Windows 10 Features and Annoyances; 25 Awesome iDevice Tips; Staying Safe Online; Find a Grave; Must-have Android Apps.
View Presenter Bios and get Presentation PDFs and YouTube video links when available at:

APCUG 2016 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-21)
APCUG’s FREE 2016 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-21) was held Aug 20. Over 200 registered to attend. There were approximately 130 unique attendees.Topics included: Take control of Windows 10 so you really do have a better, safer, somewhat private computing experience; Friend or Foe; How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music; Your Laptop's Midlife Crisis – How to Help It Cope, PART 3, Adding USB 3.0; Digital Scrapbooking; Favorite Utilities.
View Presenter Bios and get Presentation PDFs and YouTube video links when available at:

APCUG 2016 SPRING Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-20)
APCUG’s FREE 2016 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-20) was held May 7. Topics included: Technology From a Different Perspective; Setup & Configure a Home Network; IOS 9.3 for iPads & iPhones; Upgrading Your Laptop, Part 2; Why I Recommend a Chromebook; Using the Task Manager in a Windows Computer.
View Presenter Bios and get Presentation PDFs and YouTube video links when available at:

APCUG 2016 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-19)
APCUG’s FREE 2016 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held Feb 20. Topics included: Upgrading Your Laptop; Utilizing iCloud on the iPad; The Gramps Project; Customizing Windows 10.
View Presenter Bios and get Presentation PDFs and YouTube video links at:
Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

APCUG 2015 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-18)
APCUG’s FREE 2015 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held Nov 7. Topics included: How I Save Hours per Day Keeping Up with Technology; Using Wi-Fi Wireless Webcams to Spy on Something; IOS 9; E-mail Security and More.
View Presenter Bios, download the handouts, and get links to the videos at:
Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

APCUG 2015 Security Beta Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-17)
APCUG's Free 2015 Security Beta Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held Oct 17. Topics included: ID Theft; Customizing Win 10 and Edge Privacy & Security Options; How Secure is Your Device?; Protect Yourself, Yourself.
View Presenter Bios, download the handouts, and get links to the videos at:

2015 APCUG International Computer & Digital Technology Conference
The 2015 APCUG International Computer & Digital Technology Conference was held at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, Sept 25-27, 2015.
A summary of the event is at:
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APCUG 2015 Photo, Newsletter & Website User Group Contests
Winners were announced at the 2015 APCUG International Computer & Digital Technology Conference Sept 25-27.
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APCUG 2015 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-16)
APCUG’s FREE 2015 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held on Saturday, August 15. Topics included: Files, Folders and Management - How to operate like a pro; Windows 10; iPad 201; Is your group taking advantage of APCUG’s benefits;; 3D printer; Applian’s Replay Capture Suite.
Presentation info, Presenter Bios and after conference download handouts plus get links to videos at:

APCUG 2015 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-15)
APCUG’s Free 2015 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held online Saturday, May 2 , Topics include: iPad 101; Picasa, an easy-to-use digital editing program; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Recording and Organizing Your Research on the Web; Preview of New APCUG WordPress Website; Selecting the Best Backup Approach; Are We Under Cyber Attack?; Social Networking: What the Heck are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn???
Details and Presentation PDFs available at:

APCUG 2015 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-14)
APCUG’s Free 2015 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held online Saturday, Feb 21. Topics Included: Windows 10 Demo; How Secure is My Device; Linux Software Superstore; Using VMware Player to Create a Virtual Machine; The Secrets of Making Chrome a Solid Computer; Google Glass; Marketing Your User Group on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
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CFCS Windows SIG Goes Worldwide
The Central Florida Computer Society Windows Special Interest Group (WinSIG) started a new chapter on Sunday, Nov 9, 2014. The SIG is open to the world live via the web each month. The meetings include information, tips, tricks and how-to's concerning Windows and computers, and now concentrating on Windows in general, Windows 7, 8.1 and even the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Hewie Poplock has been the WinSIG leader for over 15 years and has a dedicated page for the SIG at which contains the meeting notes for every meeting going back to 2008 with links to all kinds of Windows information.

APCUG 2014 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-13)
APCUG’s FREE Fall 2014 VTC was held online Saturday, Nov 1. Topics included: Backing Up Strategies; Windows 10; Utilities & Programs That You Need For Your Computer; Setting Up a User Group Facebook Page; Buying and Selling On eBay; History of Women in Technology; Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies.
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Free Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office 2013 online is free and get 15GB OneDrive cloud storage. Work on Office files with anyone, anywhere, in real time for free. Create, store, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notebooks online.
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August CFCS Meeting Video -- Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls
The August Central Florida Computer Society Meeting featured a YouTube video recorded by Carey Holzman called Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls. This 1 hour 29 minute video of an "actual" phone call exposes how phone calls received from a person posing as a Microsoft person or “Windows Support person” are scams. Do not allow remote access to your computer by unknown parties. This is a very widespread scam and too many people succumb to it.
This must see video is at:

APCUG 2014 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-12)
APCUG’s FREE Summer 2014 VTC was held online Saturday, Aug 16. Topics included: File Networking & Storage; Social Media Matters! Using social media to increase your marketing muscle; Online Group Deals & Other Savings; Linux Is like Cars; Easy Desktop; Editing Photos With Your iPad; Is What Happened to HAL-PC In Your Group's Future?
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APCUG 2014 Newsletter, Photo & Website User Group Contests
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Website Contest:

APCUG Spring 2014 Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-11)
APCUG’s FREE Spring 2014 VTC was held online Saturday, May 3. Topics included: Photoshop Elements; Printers/Printing-How Printers Work, Hints & Tips; Linux Wins the Desktop in 2014; Mavericks & iDevice Benefits; De-Mystifying Windows 8.1 & the Latest Update; Creating aWebsite in WordPress.
Details and Presentation PDFs available at:

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for Mar 2014
The Central Florida Computer Society (CFCS) Digital Photo SIG for March 2014 had tips for using memory cards & tips for using a tripod. Photo file types (JPG, GIF, and PNG) were explained. There was info about a tablet/phone program for Android & IOS that makes it easy to take group photos, with you included. EXIF data was examined & explained as to what it is and why it is important. The session ended with a discussion about the Eye-Fi and using it to upload photos directly from a camera.
View the 57min video at

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for Feb 2014
The Central Florida Computer Society (CFCS) Digital Photo SIG was held on Feb 19, 2014.
Topics covered included: The Narrative Clip, Privacy! Yours, Mine, & Theirs, How to Hide or Blur Faces & Information in a Photo, 2 Demos showing how to hide faces or sensitive info, Photography for Beginners Travel Photography Tips, You Didn’t Know You Could Do These 5 Awesome Smartphone Camera Tricks.
View the 1hr 5min video at

APCUG’s 2014 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC-10)
The APCUG 2014 Winter VTC was held online Saturday, Feb 22. Topics included: So You've Got A New Computer. Now What, Protect Your Passwords with Roboform, Quick & Beautiful Web Pages, What do I do now with my old XP Computer, A Comparison of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, iPad in the Classroom, How We Can Learn More on the iPad, etc.
Details at:

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for May 2013
This Central Florida Computer Society Special Interest Group Virtual Photo & Video SIG meeting was held on May 16, 2013. Topics were 1) Adobe Creative Suite going to subscription, 2) Using Snagit, 3) 10 Troublesome Colors to Avoid, 4) Carry you camera's manual with you, 5) 5 Best Windows 8 Photo Editing Apps, 6) Tips for taking a silhouette photo, etc.
A 1hr 8min video of the presentation is available at

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for April 2013
This Central Florida Computer Society Special Interest Group Virtual Photo & Video SIG meeting was held on April 17, 2013. Topics were 1) Photo Resizing and 2) Screen Capture. Session was aimed at beginners and intermediate users from any Operating System.
A 1hr 37min video of the presentation is available at

CFCS Digital Photo SIG for February 2013
This Central Florida Computer Society Special Interest Group meeting examined 14 online photo editing programs.
A 56min video of the presentation is available at