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Hardware Information

Ars Technica - The PC Enthusiast's Resource for Multi-OS, PC Hardware, and Tech Coverage

BIOS Central - Comprehensive PC BIOS Info: Basics, POST Codes, Beep Codes, Debug Routines, etc

CDR Info - Hardware & Recording Authority for CD, DVD and Other Related Optical Media Technologies with News, Reviews, Articles, Guides, Downloads, etc.

CDR Labs - Comprehensive News, Quality Reviews, Informative Articles, and Forums on CD and DVD Writers

CD-Recordable FAQ - Comprehensive Resource for Info on CD-Recorders & CD-R/CD-RW Recording

Cable Modem Help - Answers for Cable Modem Users

Computer Brand Reviews - Source for Net Links to Reviews of Computer Models Grouped by Brand Name

Digital Digest - Latest News, Info & Downloads to Enhance your Digital Experience. Includes DVD, DVD+/-R, DivX, etc.

Digital FAQ - Full-Fledged DVD Info Site Covering Capture, Convert & Edit, Restore, Author & Burn, etc.

DSL Reports - Digital Subscriber Line Info Including Finder, Tune-up, ISP Reviews, Security, etc.

DVD FAQ - Home of Official Internet DVD FAQ for Usenet Newsgroups. Accurate Source for Info Related to DVD Technology.

Hard OCP - Reviews (CPU's, Main Boards, Video Cards), Files (Drivers), Deal of the Day, News, Forums, etc.

Hot Hardware - The Hottest PC Hardware Tested and Burned in - Online Technology Resource with Geek News, Reviews, Tips & Tricks, PC Builder's Guide, PC Buyer's Guide, Laptop Buyer's Guide, Rants & Raves, etc. - Init strings, Drivers, Support Sites, High Speed, Product Reviews, Command Sets, etc. - Comprehensive Information/Editorial Site about Motherboards 

PDA Buzz - PDA & Handheld PC News with Product Reviews, Discussion Forums, PDA Chat, Tips & Tricks, etc.

PC Mech - Helps you Build, Optimize and Use your Computer to its Fullest Potential. Has a Blog, Video Library, and Forums.

PC Technology Guide - Info for the Hobbyist on the Internals & Externals of a PC with Excellent Graphics

Practically Networked Home - Networking, Sharing, Securing, HowTo, Troubleshooting, etc. with Reviews & News

ReadyBoost Compatibility Chart - Database Listing Over 550 Flash Memory Devices Tested as to Compatibility for ReadyBoost Use with Windows Vista - The Broadband Source: Practical Info on Broadband Internet Connections, Windows, Overclocking, Patches and Registry Tweaks that Enhance Connection Speed

Thresh's Firing Squad - Hardware and Gaming News and Reviews

Tom's Hardware Guide - Source of New Technology Information and Hardware Performance Reviews

Tweak 3D- Freakin' Tweakin' Source for Tips & Info on Hardware, Computers, MP3, CPU, Games, etc. - Everything You Wanted to Know about the Universal Serial Bus - Help with Making Movie Files as VideoCDs, SuperVCDs or DVDs which can be Played on a Stand-alone DVD Player or Computer

Warp2Search - Your Spicy Hardware, Software, Tuning & Overclocking Resource... - Networking Info: Basics/Cabling, Troubleshooting, etc.

X-bit Labs - Special Hardware Info Center Offering Constantly Updated News & Detailed Reviews of Newest Products