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Windows Software Information

ActiveWin - Activating the Ultimate Windows Resources - Info Assembled for & by Actual Users of Windows: Registry Tips, Customizing, Reducing Clutter, Improving Performance, Troubleshooting, etc.

Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista Tweaks and Tips - Visual Basic (VB) Script Files & Utilities that Change the Registry. Categories Include Cosmetic, Security, Utility, XP Fixes, Wireless Hardware, etc

Eye On Windows - Comphehensive Windows Operating System News with Featured Stories, Product and Software Reviews, Windows 8.1 Resources such as Tutorials, Applications, Drivers, Videos, etc. - Free Resource to Learn the Truth about Windows File Processes Running on your Computer

MDGx Max Speed - Windows Tricks, Secrets, Tips, Bugs, & Fixes

MediaForma - Free Windows 7 and MS Office 2007 Training Videos.

Microsoft Windows 7 - Latest News on Windows 7. Has Archive, Media, Downloads, & Forums - Free Comprehensive Online Resource to Know the Exact Nature & Purpose of a Process Running on Your PC.

Start-Up Applications - Detailed Info for Win98/ME Users with 27-page Alphabetical Listing as to if Specific Programs Need to Run at Windows Start-Up

SuperSite for Windows - Source of Info on Microsoft OS Development Plans. Covers Windows 10/8.1, Windows Phone, Windows Live, Windows Server, Office, and Xbox 360. Also has WinInfo Daily News.

Task List Programs - Listing of Programs Running in the Background. Some Start at Windows Start-Up. Some are Useful and Some May Cause Problems.

The Elder Geek - Wealth of Useful Info for XP,Vista, Win7, & Win8 with Tips, Tweaks, Registry Edits, etc.

The Windows Club - Windows Vista & Windows 7 Tips, Features, Downloads, Security, News, & More - Microsoft News and Analysis by Paul Thurrott – Windows, Office, Mobile & More - Windows Tweaks, Tips, Hacks, Visual Styles, Newsletter, Support Forum, & Utility Software - Over 3000 Pages of Info on Repair, Reinstall, Install, or Upgrade of Any Windows Operating System. Includes Tips, Tricks, and How-To Guides.

Windows Support Center - Comprehensive Alternative Site to Microsoft for Windows Info. Offers Helpful Support Sites, Freeware, "How To" Articles, FAQs, Registry Patches, MS Knowlege Base Links, etc.

WinVistaClub - Targeted at the Vista Home/Single PC User the Site Addresses and Covers Issues Relating to Microsoft and Windows in General, and Vista in Particular.

Windows 7 Review - 70 Page Review of the Latest 32 & 64-bit Microsoft Operating System

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Scans Your PC to See if it's Ready for Windows 7 and Tells You about any Known Compatibility Issues.

Windows 8 Forums - Forums for Windows 8 & 8.1 News, General Support, Installation & Setup, Performance & Maintenance, Network & Sharing, Drivers & Hardware, Graphic Cards, Sound & Audio, BOD Crashes & Debugging, Windows Updates & Activation, System Security, Tutorials, etc.

Windows 8.1 Help, How To's, Tips - Info on Decision to Upgrade, Buying a New Computer, Transferring Data, Re-installing Programs, Disposing of the Old Computer, Setting up the New Computer, Look & Feel of Windows 8.1, Setting up Auto Maintenance, Start Screen, Windows Store, etc.

Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Windows - Take a tour, Compare Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, and Info on New tablets and PCs, Getting started, Windows vs. iPad, etc.

Windows 10 Creators Update Ultimate Training Video Series - 12 Videos Demonstrating the New Features of Creators Update.

Windows 10 | Windows Central - Categories Include: Help & How To, Best Windows Store Apps, Best Windows Store Games, Apps, Insider Program For PC, Insider Program For Phone.

Windows 10 - Beginners Guide [Tutorial] - Excellent 38 min Video by JAGTutorials Detailing the Many Features of Windows 10 such as Start Menu, System Settings, Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana, Multiple Desktops, etc.

Windows 10 FAQ & Tips - Answers Directly from Microsoft to Many of the Questions about Upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Top Support Solutions - Microsoft Support Solutions for the Most Common Issues Experienced When Using Windows 10.

Windows Chimp - is now, the Ultimate Windows 10 Resource Portal. Categories Include: Blog, Tutorials, Upgrade, Drivers, Ebooks.

Windows Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums and Tutorials, Tricks, and Guides. Has Searchable Win 10 Tutorials Quick Reference Index. Forums Cover Win 10 News, General Support, Installation & Upgrade, Performance & Maintenance, Network & Sharing, Drivers & Hardware, etc.

Software Collections

A+ Freeware - Choice Freeware Applications. Listing Includes Description, Screenshot, & Download Link. - Digital Video and DVD Technology News with DVD-R, SVCD, VCD, DivX, & CD Burning Guides, Tools and Forums

AnalogX - Free Software: Audio Tools, Internet Utilities, DirectX Plugins, Original MP3 Music, MIDI Software, Web Tools, and More - Where All of the Best Freeware & Shareware Software Are

Best Free Windows Store Apps - List of over 80 Windows 8 Apps in 60 Categories covering Office & Productivity; Image & Photo; Audio & Video; Disk, File, Desktop and System Utilities; Security & Privacy; Internet, Email and Networking; Personal Development; and Games.

Beta News - Inside Information, Unreleased Products, File Forum with Downloads, Screenshot, Description, Reviews & Ratings - Detailed and Highly Objective Reviews of Popular Software by Users plus Downloads. Features Anti Virus, Business, Video Editing, and Educational Software.

Camtech 2000 - Freeware & Shareware Covering Desktop, Internet, Utilities, System, Logos, Screen Savers, Games, and more. - Searchable Commercial Software Library - Printer, CDROM, Modem, Sound, Mouse, Monitor, etc. Drivers - Freeware & Commercial Trial Programs. Has Previous Program Versions, Detailed Descriptions, Change Logs, Technical Info, & Screenshots

Free Studio - One Installation for 48 Free Programs which Convert Video & Audio Files between Different Formats and to iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry & all Popular Mobile Phones & Devices; Burn & Rip DVDs and Audio CDs; Upload & Download YouTube Videos and Music, etc. Can also Select & Download Programs Individually. - Your Free Software Resource with Program Publisher Description, Screenshot, User Ratings & Reviews.

Freeware Guide - Guide to Best Free Software and Freeware Sites with Program of the Month, Top 10 Freeware, Freeware Updates, etc.

Freeware Home - A Collection of Free Software and Internet Services

Giveaway of the Day - Each Day Download a Commercial Fully Functional Licensed Software Program for Free

Gizmo's Freeware - Best Freeware Reviewed and Rated for Windows Desktop, Windows 64 bit, Portable Windows, Mac, Linux, Online Apps, Windows Store Apps, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, and Android Apps - 100% Free Downloads for Home Office, Audio & Video Players, Games, Graphic Design, Utilities, etc.

HotSoftReviews - Provides Unbiased Reviews and Side-by-Side Comparisons of Products You May Be Considering. Gives Enough Information to Research Ins and Outs of a Particular Product.

JARS - Java Applet Rating Service

Java Boutique - The Ultimate Java Applet Resource

Jumbo! Download Network - Over 300,000 Shareware And Freeware Programs

LiberKey - More than 286 Free Portable Applications and Several Suites Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista /7 that Can be Run from a Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.

Lupo PenSuite - Customizable Free Suite of over 180 Highly Selected Portable Software Programs & Games Optimized to be Run from a USB Flash Drive - Unique (Installed & Tested) Freeware & Shareware for Geeks: All In One Tools, Benchmarking, BIOS, Diagnostics, Drive Cleaners, Memory, Registry, Video, etc.

NirSoft - A Unique Collection of Small and Useful Freeware Utilities Related to Password Recovery, Network Monitoring, Internet, Command-Line, Desktop, System, etc.

NoNags Freeware Shareware World Center - Free Software that has No Disabled Features, Nags, Time Limits, or Other Tricks plus Shareware Section Where Anything Goes - Because Newer Is Not Always Better. Older versions of Popular Shareware and Freeware Programs. - Latest Hardware Device Drivers and BIOS Updates - Collection of Free Portable Software for USB Drives that Leaves No Personal Data Behind when Unplugged. Includes Portable Versions of Audacity, Firefox, Thunderbird,, VLC Media Player, etc.

Pricelessware - Best of the Best Windows Freeware as Determined by Readers of alt.comp.freeware NewsGroup

Project Gutenberg - Text of Over 36,000 Free (Public Domain) Books Online Available for Download

Rocket Download - Your Better Choice for Downloading: Files, Links, and Reviews - Searchable Shareware Library

Snapfiles - Thousands of Freeware & Shareware Software Downloads and Reviews

SofoTex Downloads - Large Database of Freeware & Shareware Downloads with Software Reviews & Free Weekly Newsletter - Over 10,000 files for Download covering Business, Drivers, Freeware, Internet, Multimedia, Utilities, etc.

The Daily .WAV - A Collection of .WAV Files (and some MIDI Files) for Downloading

The Driver Zone - The Place to Find Device Drivers - Free Programmers' Resources, Webmasters' Resources, & Security Resources

The Software Patch - Download Site for Patches, Upgrades, Service Packs and Hardware Drivers

TopFreeware - Freeware Downloads and Tips. Freeware Includes Backup Tools, Burning Tools, Cleaners, Games, Graphic Tools, Internet Tools, Multimedia, Network Tools, Registry Tools, Restore Tools, Portable Software, etc. - Resource for Device Drivers and Web Development with Encyclopedia Tech, Acronyms Defined, & File Extensions

Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software - The Web's #1 Resource for Windows Device Drivers