Section 1. Membership - Any person or family who professes an interest in personal computers may apply to the Treasurer for membership. Corporate memberships are expressly forbidden. For purposes of this paragraph, a family is defined as "the immediate family of the applicant, all living at the same address." Upon completion of a membership application and payment of dues said person or family will be accepted as a member.

Section 2. Voting Rights - During the business meetings of the corporation, each member shall cast one vote.

Section 3. Dues - The annual dues shall be payable to the Treasurer upon acceptance as a member and then annually. The Board can elect to waive members future annual dues if necessary. Dues not paid within 30 days after said meeting shall be delinquent and membership shall be automatically cancelled. Any member dropped because of delinquent dues may be reinstated upon payment of current dues. If membership of any member ceases, either voluntarily or involuntarily, no refund of fees or dues shall be made.

Section 4. Honorary Members - All Honorary members will be nominated by the Board of Directors and elected by a simple majority of members at any subsequent regular or special meeting. Only one Honorary member may be elected each year. There will be no annual dues for Honorary Members.

Section 5. Cancellation of Membership - Membership in this Corporation may be cancelled voluntarily by the member, or involuntarily by the Board of Directors for due cause, or for the member being more than thirty days late in paying the annual dues.